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The Oil Well, Issue #002 --Happy New Year!
January 30, 2011

Welcome to The Oil Well

Hello Essential Oil Lovers and Welcome to the Experience Essential Oils Newsletter for January!

Nan’s Personal Message

Happy New Year and I hope everyone is off to a great start! I have been busy wrapping up all my old 2010 business and personal items and thinking through what I would like to accomplish this year.

Many of us love the New Year as it gives a fresh start; but I am reminded that we have an opportunity to start fresh everyday and anytime we want. And essential oils help us and our animals do that by gently encouraging us to let go of our old “stuff” and visualize and step into our new goals for the year to come!

Scents of January: Goal Setting and Visualization

Many of us start the New Year by revisiting our goals from last year and re-establishing goals for the New Year. And there are many essential oils that can help us reach and visualize our goals!

Some of my suggestions for goal setting are: Into the Future, Envision and Highest Potential blends. Remember to wear them as perfume or cologne, and diffuse them your work space to help you manifest your goals. My personal favorite is Into the Future!

Into the Future contains clary sage, ylang ylang, Idaho tansy, white fir, juniper, frankincense, jasmine, orange and cedarwood. Juniper is an emotional and physical detoxifier which allows us to cleanse and let go of the old so we can make room for the new. Clary sage quiets the mind and brings clarity by cleansing and energizing one’s mental state.

I use Idaho Tansy to repel flies at the barn, but it also repels negative thoughts as well. Frankincense and Cedarwood help us connect with our creator and oxygenate the pineal gland. Jasmine, orange and ylang ylang bring joy to our heart and allow us to let go of emotional stress by instilling self love. White Fir is placed in the blend to empower, support and anchor our goals.

All these oils blend perfectly to create an oil that represents leaving the past behind so we can move forward in a more positive way; and supports our highest vision of our self! Remember when we are in a negative space then that is what we will manifest – more negativity!

Spiritual Aroma Message for January: Rebirthing

The month of January represents rebirthing. It is filled with activities that ask us to clean up, let go and embrace the new. January asks us to look at deeper issues such as looking at what situations, people and relationships are not working in our lives and need to be eliminated or changed for the New Year and beyond. Even the “physical things” such as throwing out another year of tax receipts, setting up new files for the year and setting goals helps us to move into a new space.

As we head into the new energies and frequencies of 2012. We are being pressed to look at our issues straight in the eye, stand in our truth and become the person we need to be to match the new energies. And this truly is a re-birthing process.

This rebirthing energy will be with us for most of the year. While this can be challenging process, we are blessed with essential oils that can support us as we make important changes that are required for our evolution and the planets.

The first blend that comes to mind is Transformation Blend. Transformation essential oil releases the emotions of can’t do it, stagnation and limitation. It helps us move forward into a place of love, compassion and accountability.

Transformation contains:

• Clary sage and frankincense oils as described in Into the Future.

• Lemon essential oil brings “spirit into action” by cleansing on all levels; changing pessimism to optimism and helping us focus on what we want.

• Cardamon essential oil opens the heart chakra and helps us accept new paradigms or beliefs that will need to be changed.

• Sandalwood and frankincense oils oxygenate the pineal gland which helps us become more receptive to intuition and connect with Source.

• Finally, rosemary essential oil is comforting and supporting; and shows us that the only real loyalty must be to ourselves!

Wear Transformation as a perfume or cologne, diffuse it and place on the crown of your head.

I have also made a special blend called Rebirthing that we can use for our animals as well. I made this oil specifically for my horse Roxie and I as the two of us our moving into new spaces. Here are the details so you can make it at home.

Rebirthing Essential Oil

Rebirthing is an amazing blend that helps one feel connected, respected and supported through challenging life situations. No matter where we are in our life sometimes life can feel difficult and we can use some extra assistance.

This oil reminds us that for each challenge there is an opportunity as this is how spirit encourages us to learn, move forward and let go of the things that no longer work for us. Remember that it is our choice to flow with the punches and understand the purpose; or resist and create physical, emotional and spiritual disharmony in our lives.

The emotions or action associated with each oil is listed below for reference.

• 8 drops of Spruce Essential Oil – Offers protection; enhanced communication with Divine; self-respect; creates emotional balance necessary to receive and give. Promotes release of emotional blocks.

• 4 drops of Lemon Essential Oil – Releases fear of detachment; stuck; sadness; life being unreliable; frustration; being left behind. Promotes “spirit in action”, cleansing and optimism.

• 3 drops of Cypress Essential Oil – Releases disrespect; addiction to drama. Promotes acceptance of choice and understanding lessons; discernment; moving forward with life changing decisions.

• 3 drops of Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil – Releases F-You; worthlessness; denial; spiritual emptiness. Promotes connection with Divine; spiritual purpose and growth; and rebirthing.

• 3 drops of Palo Santo Essential Oil – Releases obliteration; sorcery; spiritual emptiness. Promotes connection with Divine; euphoria. Supports and grounds the body and mind during times of transition and evolution.

If you use this oil and have any testimonials for this oil, please pass them on to me so I can continue to learn and document its use.

Animals Scents and Spirits

As we evolve and make changes remember that our animals can choose to make changes and move forward with us or not. Often times they become stuck in the process because they try to keep up with us or take on what we are processing.

My horse Roxie is a perfect example of this. She was taking on everyone’s stuff including mine and her melanomas on her tail began to grow quickly. She was getting drained from not letting go and it was affecting her immune system.

When I communicated to this to her, she chose to move forward and let go; and the melanoma growths slowed once again and some of them even disintegrated and fell off. I used oils of frankincense, palo santo and purification to assist her during this time.

This story reminds me that we do not really own our animals...they have their own free will and we are their care takers. We can only choose how to take CARE of them. :)

Our animals can also use Rebirthing, Into the Future and Transformation oils. Go slow and observe their reactions, you may be surprised!

The other day I had a hyperactive dog lick my hand that had St. Maries Lavender on it. The dog chose to take that oil and he was very happy with the results! Within seconds he sat next to his owner and was quietly enjoying his other dog companions instead of stirring up chaos!

For our animals Raindrop Technique is also a great way to assist animals release anxiety, trauma and pain easily and naturally! So many of our show horses in particular have hectic show schedules, live in temporary tents for most of the show season and suffer from back and muscle soreness from over exertion.

Raindrop offers a perfect solution to our horse's physical and emotional well being. Dr Heather Mack, DVM, recommends horses (and humans) get a Raindrop at least once per month to maintain good physical and mental health!

Essential Oil Recipe of the Month

Captress Martin’s Red Hot Spiced Hot Chocolate

Enjoy a healthy hot cup of hot chocolate! I like to use Cassia because it tastes like Red Hot candy and doesn’t burn the palette as much as cinnamon can. It boosts the immune system and has anti-infectious properties which is great for this time of year with flu and cold germs every where!

I add a drop of Ocotea to balance the blood sugars and soothe digestion while we are enjoying our dessert drink! Adults may like to add some dark rum to really complete the drink. I do!

• 1 tsp Organic Cocoa Powder

• 1 cup Vanilla Soy Milk or equivalent

• 2 drops Clove Essential Oil

• 3 drops Orange Essential Oil

• 2-3 drops Cassia Essential Oil

• 1 drop of Ocotea Essential Oil

• Mini Marshmallows

• All Spice

• 1 oz Aged Dark Rum (optional)

Place the cocoa powder in a 10-12 ounce mug and place 1-2 ounces of boiling water over the top. Mix well. Heat the milk then add the oils to the milk. Place the hot milk mixture into the cocoa mixture; and add the rum (optional).

Place mini marshmallows on top and sprinkle with All Spice. You may also add another drop of orange oil if you would like on top of the marshmallows. Place in the microwave for a few seconds to melt the marshmallows and enjoy! :)

News from the Field: Out on the Frankincense Trail

On a conference call with Gary Young in December he shared some information regarding the Frankincense Trail that is very exciting. This is an ancient trail that goes through the Middle East that Frankincense traders and caravans have followed for thousands of years. Gary has been gathering information about the Frankincense Trail for the last decade and will be publishing a book this year with his findings.

After 15 years of searching, Gary found a marker on the trail that many people up to now thought was local myth. The markers were used for territorial and spiritual purposes. This particular monument marker contained a snake or flying serpent. Locals believed that the serpent would protect the Frankincense Trees; and if one entered the area they would be receive a poisonous bite from the serpent that was lethal!

Many of these monuments are buried under tons of sand making them almost impossible to find...until now! Ah...the power of persistence, belief and essential oils to make your dreams into reality!

Are there Different Species of Frankincense?

Yes there are and depending on where the frankincense is grown the chemistry is very different. This is why testing is so important to make sure the chemistry of the oil supports what it is used for. Young Living carries two different frankincense species: Boswellia carterii and Boswellia sacra or Sacred Frankincense which is grown and distilled by Young Living in Salalah, Oman. The carterii species is harvested from East Africa.

Both species contain high amounts of boswellic acids which have been found to be anti-cancerous and act as a natural anti-inflammatory. According to laboratory testing, sacra has the highest amount of boswellic acids, at 42 percent; and carterii contains about 40 percent. Both extremely high percentages!

If you haven’t tried the Sacred Frankincense I recommend it. It is energetically softer and has a sweeter aroma. This is the species of frankincense that was given to Baby Jesus as a gift at the time of his birth! This is why it was important for me to place it in my Rebirthing Blend!

Scheduled Events

Here is a listing of upcoming events:

• The Mystic Holistic Hour: Wednesday, February 16, 2011 at 7:00 pm EST – Nan will be on a natural healing TV program speaking about essential oils on February 16 through WRPBiTV. This is an internet TV program that may be streamed live during the show. Jana is an intuitive here in Palm Beach. Here is the link to the program: WRPBiTV - Live Internet TV

News from the Oil Shop

With Valentines Day coming remember to give an essential oil to your human or animal sweetie. The perfume section of the site will give tips on creating scents for romance! Or give them a gift certificate so they can choose an oil from the Shop.

I have been getting inquiries for international oil orders and I can place those orders but please contact me directly as many items can not be shipped overseas!

Next Time in The Essential Oil Well!

Next month I will share more scents and spiritual information on the essential oils for February. I will also share information on the anti-depressant properties of RutaVala and more!

Still Carrying Emotional and Physical Baggage for the New Year? Act now...Sale Extension!

I have decided to extend this offer since my Newsletter is a bit late; and since we are still in transition into the New Year.

Release your emotional, spiritual or physical baggage and embrace the New Year with an intuitive session. From January 28 to February 21 as a subscriber to the E-zine you may take off 10% on intuitive aromatherapy sessions for you or your animal. If paying for your sessions through the Oil Shop, please use discount code REBIRTH!

Thank you all for your Essential Oil Experiences! Have a great month!

Peace, love and light


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