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Animal Empath -
Specializing in Horses and Riders!

An animal empath gathers information in the same way an intuitive empath does.

This is just a particular area of specialized intuitive work. Not all intuitives or empathics can read animals, and vice versa.

For instance, because I have been riding horses since the age of five I can easily tune into a horses emotions.

I can easily discern what would help or hinder training; why an animal is behaving a certain way; and what affect, if any, an owner may have on the animal.

As a trainer and intuitive, I can intuit what is causing the emotional reaction in the horse whether it is a certain style of riding or simply a bit that a horse doesn't like.

Remember our animals are very sensitive and intuitive as well; and are able to pick up on our own emotional states and patterns fairly easily. Often times animals will act them out or resist against them which in turn causes them unnecessary stress and physical discomfort.

Experience Animal Empath Coaching Sessions

How Can An Essential Oil Coaching or Intuitive Session Help?

As an animal empath, I can help to identify patterning that is the cause for the behavioral or emotional issue. This can save hours of training time for yourself if you are a rider; or for your animal. And help you and your animal have a closer bond.

For instance, if a horse or dog constantly is challenged by separation stress, a therapeutic grade essential oil can be selected for emotional upheaval or upset from an essential oil reference guide. But intuiting what is needed usually produces the emotional release that is required for the animal to move forward.

As an example, I was working with a horse that was resistive to training and had a bullish attitude. I picked up that the horse had possibly been abused around the age of three. If I strictly went by the book, I may have tried an oil blend such as Trauma Life an excellent oil for releasing negative situations and abandonment.

However, because I intuited that small bit of information I was guided to choose Inner Child and Release blends.

The horse immediately smelled both oils from the left nostril (emotions) and became calmer and softer in his work!

Can An Essential Oil Intuitive Session Be done by Phone?

Yes, I can see you and your horse in person or I can conduct the session by phone. All intuitive work is done mainly by phone.

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