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Use Essential Oils for Perfume to
Improve your Emotional and Phyical Well Being!

Using essential oils for perfume (or cologne) is a great way to smell fantastic, feel great and promote wellness!

Is there anything else on the Planet that does that?

Imagine if you could wear (or make) a perfume (or cologne) that was non-toxic to the body and actually could help you manage your stress level, or help you feel more confident.

Well, you can. Read on and I will tell you how!

Essential oils are the original, unadulterated perfume. They have been used for centuries to arouse our senses, cover body odor and invoke gods in spiritual rituals!

It is believed that the Hungarians created the first "perfume" from a blend of plant oils and alcohol. But by the 19th century, we discovered how to create synthetic versions of plant essences.

Since, the synthetics were less costly to create and could be easily made in bulk; many of the "original" versions using pure essential oils were discontinued!

So today our perfumes, like our soaps, hair goods and household cleaners, are simply synthetically made products that further pollute our bodies and our planet!

Experience Essential Oils for Perfume

Did you know that approximately 98% of the essential oils produced today are for the perfume industry?

Yes, so by simple math, that leaves 2% for medicinal or therapeutic use. Perfume grade oils are cut with solvents or distilled through a solvent extraction process to save time and money, so all the therapeutic effects are lost.

But, why buy synthetic perfumes or colognes (or oils), when you can wear therapeutic grade essential oils for perfume and have it all! Why not?

As a matter of fact, I have not bought a commercially manufactured perfume for over ten years! Every time, I wear Joy or Present Time essential oils for perfume, people always ask me what I am wearing. And are pleasantly surprised when I say it is a professionally made essential oil blend! Really?

But Don't some of the Best Perfumes contain Essential Oils?

Yes, some do. But as I said earlier even when they are using perfume grade oils, not therapuetic grade Most inexpensive perfumes are made strictly from synthetic manufactured fragrances!

Also, Did you know that Perfumes and Colognes contain up to 90-95% Alcohol?

Yes! Here are the percentages for you...

  • Perfume/Cologne contains 90-95% alcohol and 15-30% essential oils or fragrance.
  • Eau de perfume/cologne contains 80-90% alcohol and 8-15% essential oils or fragrance.
  • Eau de toilette contains 80-90% alcohol and 4-8% essential oils or fragrance.
  • Eau de cologne contains 70% alcohol and 3-5% essential oils or fragrance.
  • Splash colognes contains 80% alcohol and 1-3% essential oils or fragrance.

And what are they charging for these synthetically produced perfumes? A lot of money considering they are perfume grade oils (if that) and they are mostly made of alcohol! Wow!

What Oils are they using in the Top Perfumes and Colognes in the World?

Here are some examples of essential oils for perfume:

-Joy Perfume by Jean Patou is considered as one of the "most expensive perfumes in the world"! It contains:

And cost $275.00 for 0.5 ounces (15 ml). Joy Essential Oil blend contains jasmine and rose as well, has no alcohol and has a tons of benefits; and cost $55.00 (retail).

-Chanel No. 5 Perfume contains these essentials oils:

-Norell Fragrance by Revlon contains these essentials oils:

-Giorgio Armani Cologne ingredients include:

-Aramis Cologne ingredients include:

-Aramis Tuscany Cologne ingredients include: 

And you thought the men would be left out of the rose and lavender essential oil department! Not true!

You see from that list that essential oils are not dominantly male or female, especially in blends! There is an art to blending and it is the combination of the essential oils for perfume that brings out the unique aroma. Giorgio Armani knows!

So, as you can see, you don't have to purchase expensive perfumes and colognes when you have essential oils for perfume!

So let's choose one!

How do I Choose the Perfect Potion for Me?

Choosing an oil or blend depends on several factors:

  • Your natural body scent;
  • The fragrance we want; and/or
  • The influence we want for ourselves or others!

What is my Natural Body Scent and what Creates It?

Our specific body scent depends on...

  • Our sweat glands;
  • What we eat or drink;
  • Our wellness;
  • The time of day; and
  • Our Emotional State!

There are many ways to determine essential oils for perfume. For instance: gender (obviously); hair color or skin color, or time of year.

But Why get so Complicated?

Don't! I personally would choose a blend or single oil according to the emotional effect that I want!

After all, that is what scent is really all about. When we smell something, the scent can effect the amygdale or the emotional control center in the brain. To learn about how essential oils work, click here!

This is why smelling cookies can bring back pleasant (or maybe unpleasant) emotions and memories instantly! Essential oils do this within seconds! If you want to learn more about how emotions work, please click here.

So What is the Emotional Effect I Want?

You can create any emotional effect you want – calming, refreshing, romantic, joyful or sexy! There are a million different emotions or moods you can create! Please click here for examples of perfume for several effects!

How do I choose an Oil for Perfume by Scent?

And of course, you can still choose your essential oils for perfume by scent or the fragrance you want. Here are some examples: Earthy, Woody, Fruity, Floral, Herbal or Spicy!

Please, click here to see examples of essential oils for perfume in each of those categories!

I hope you enjoyed the essential oils for perfume. If you would like to check out some other oils that you can wear to help with concentration, courage or to release anger, please click here!

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