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Home Remedies For Dogs - 
Essential Oils for Dogs!

Home remedies for dogs should always include essential oils. Dogs respond really well to essential oils when used correctly and safely. Oils support the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of your canine friend. They support the WHOLE dog and all aspects of wellness. :)

This section will answer all the questions you may have about using essential oils for dogs. Then on the bottom of the page I have a list of specific topics for dogs. Just click on that section and it will tell you what essential oils you can use for that challenge.

Why should we use Home Remedies for Dogs and Specifically, Essential Oils?

I could list a million reasons why you should use essential oils for dogs, but here are my top reasons! Also review the essential oil benefits section to learn more.

Essential Oils are:

  • Not-Toxic – Just like the human body, toxicity is a big problem for our animals as many products are created with synthetic chemicals. Lets support our dog's by using products that are clean and pure.
  • Easy to Use – Essential oils for dogs can be used exactly in the same manner as with people. Dogs can inhale the oil directly from the bottle or from your hand. They can be placed topically on the body or placed in their food (if oil can be used as a dietary supplement).
  • Perfect Home Remedies for Dogs – I keep an essential oil bag with about twelve or so oils in my car to help with traveling, car rides, trips to the vet, trainer or pet sitter; and to help ease any stress of the day. They work quickly, are effective and extremely versatile!
  • Extremely Beneficial for Training Puppies and Dogs – I don’t train dogs professionally, but I train horses and getting to the emotional side can be the most challenging part of the work! Use essential oils to assist with focus, relaxation and occasional separation stress as you would a horse or a human. They are great training tools!
  • And More!

Are There Oils You Can’t use as Home Remedies for our Dog?

Honestly, there are only a few oils that I wouldn't use on dogs. And that is because there are more gentle essential oil alternatives available.

But for the most part, anything goes as long as you are using high quality oils! The crazy stories you have heard are normally associated with poor grade oils or the brand, not the oil.

Horses, cats and dogs love essential oils; but cats are a bit more sensitive so you have to be a bit cautious with them.

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Are there Certain Types of Oil that I Need to Use for Home Remedies for Dogs?

Good question! Make sure you use therapeutic grade essential oils for home remedies for dogs. Perfume quality or fragrant grade oils can cause more harm than good especially if using them topically because they are distilled using solvents or are adulterated.

Pure therapeutic grade oils are steam distilled and do not contain any chemicals and therefore not only expensive to produce but rarely used in pet products. Look at the price of Rose Otto essential oil or Jasmine Absolute to get an idea of what it takes to produce these oils!

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What Are the Safety Concerns?

Most of the problems associated with using essential oils for dogs stem from the fact that people are using perfume grade oils for therapeutic use. Or people simply are not using them correctly! So please do follow the safety information listed with each individual oil or blend.

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How Do I Use Essential Oils for Dogs?

Dog aromatherapy is similar to using oils for people, so review the oil uses section to get more ideas on how to use the oils.

Please do adhere to the safety instructions as you would a human. And please read through the essential oils safety section as well.

How Do I know which Oils to use for Dog Home Remedies?

Using the oils is a bit of a learning curve for sure, but the best thing you can do is look through the website and choose oils as you would for yourself. The Animal Collection Oils may be a great place to start. Easy and diluted, it has oils for emotional and physical wellbeing.

Also check out the oils for emotions section which has oils for the top emotional categories such as confidence, fear and regret.

Also make sure to include Animal Scents Shampoo and Ointment!

What are the Dilution Ratios for Dogs?

The general rule of thumb for dilution for dogs is to go by the weight of the dog. A small dog under 20 pounds you would treat as a human child or toddler. I would dilute from 30-90% of the human dose again depending on its size.

Essential oils for larger dogs can be used similarly to humans. A medium dog that is in the range of 25-50 pounds can tolerate less than a large dog that is 100 pounds! Use common sense and do what is comfortable for you and your animal.

So keep in mind, as we do with humans, that if a dog has not used oils before or has been exposed to synthetic products most of it's life, then use the LESS IS BEST philosophy!

Experience Home Remedies for Dogs with Essential Oils!

Several Ways to Apply Essential Oil to Dogs:

  • Place oil in your palm then pet head to tail;
  • Place oil where the skin is thin such as belly or ears; or
  • Smell it right out of the bottle or from your hands!

If using as dietary supplement, please make sure that you are using oils such as Young Living Vitality Oils, which can be used internally (please see individual pages to make sure you can).

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Need Other Home Remedies for Dogs?

Here are the other sections that are specifically written for dogs and essential oils. Please scroll through them as well as the human pages!

Just click on the page and it will tell you what essential oils you can use!

Have an idea or a recipe for home remedies for dogs? Please feel free to contact me contact me ; I would love to include it!

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