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Dog Loss of Appetite - Essential Oils
May Encourage them to Eat Up!

Dog loss of appetite can be contributed to many factors and finding out the root cause for the loss of appetite is important to completely solve the problem. This section is for a SHORT TERM issue mostly due to emotional change and stress, not a medical problem.

Some of the things that create this situation include:

For instance, when I first got my dog Lexie she would spend at least two days a week not eating. She was going through many changes including emotional (change of residence, owner, etc) and diet which were the two roots causes. She also had to get adjusted to being in a vehicle every day to get the barn. Interesting enough, my vet agreed that stress was one of the causes (yes get your dog checked out and rule out any medical condition, please!)

I began using Di-Gize Vitality to support her digestive system*; and Peace & Calming to ease the stress level of the truck rides. I also used Citrus Fresh in between meals to uplift her emotional wellness. All of the oils helped quite a bit, but she still just didn't want to eat a hardy meal until I changed her diet.

After trying many different organic dog foods, I switched her to a raw diet. She improved very quickly and continued to use the oils to help support her emotional, physical, spiritual and mental wellness.

So what ever is creating the dog loss of appetite there is more than likely an emotional aspect and that is where therapeutic grade essential oils can really provide that extra support! Select one oil to work with and observe the changes before moving forward. 

Please note, as always, if your dog hasn't eaten in a day or so, or you think it may be more serious, PLEASE consult your vet! Oils are not a substitution for any medical consultation!

Dog Loss of Appetite - Essential Oil Support

What Essential Oils May Help Increase Dog Appetite?

In general, use oils that will support a healthy digestive system*. Also use oils that are emotionally uplifting.

These oils cam be used in food or internally as a dietary supplement. Use a toothpick amount to start.

Use this oil to support and uplift topically. Just simply place one or two drops on your hand and pet head to toe. See essential oils for dogs for more info.

What Other Oils Can I Use to Support the Emotional Aspect? (Dog Stress and More)

Click here to find out what oils specifically help with dog stress. Also, look through the stress and emotional wellness and support sections for tips!

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