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Essential Oils Use
How to Use them and
What to Use them For!

Use an Ultrasonic Diffuser to Diffuse Oils in the Air

Essential oils use is not limited to aromatherapy. There are hundreds of ways to use essential oils and those who use them find new applications everyday!

But first,

Let's answer some frequently answered questions about essential oils use.

What if I have never used Essential Oils Before?

No problem, just like learning anything new, start slow, take a deep breath and enjoy the process! As you use the oils more and more you will begin to know your body and be drawn to what you need. Read as much as you can do gain an understanding of what they are and how to use them.

How Much do I Use?

Always refer to the reference guides for single oils and blends. They usually have an essential oils use section. Generally, several drops in your palms, feet or on location will be sufficient.

Oils should be diluted up to 30% for massage and more for children and certain pets. One drop per tablespoon or more of vegetable oil is recommended in several books for infants.

I am concerned about my Skin Response. What do I do?

If you are concerned about your skin sensitivity, then perform a quick, skin check (below), or again, dilute it with a vegetable oil base.

On the inside of your upper arm, place one drop of oil to see if any redness develops. If so, apply a vegetable oil base to dilute the oil before reapplying.

What if I have an Allergic Reaction?

Allergic reactions are caused by the "histamine", a protein molecule. Essential oils do not contain protein, so an allergic reaction is not possible! Redness normally indicates a detoxification reaction not an allergy reaction.

But remember if it is NOT a therapeutic grade essential oil you may have a reaction to the solvent used to adulterate it! So make sure you are using therapeutic grade oils!

How are Oils Absorbed into the Body?

There are four ways that oils can be used (SOLD):

  • S-kin – Topical Application or direct application on the skin
  • O-rifices – Body cavities
  • L-ungs – Inhalation of the oils
  • D-igestive – Internal consumption or taking them orally. This may include swallowing a capsule of oil, placing them in a drink or putting them directly in your mouth. Please check to make sure your an oil can be taken in this manner!

Experience Essential Oils Use

But, for our purposes we will think of using the oils in these ways:

  • Topical Application
  • Inhalation
  • Internal Consumption

How do I use them Topically?

There are several different ways to use them topically including:

  • Direct Application – just place it on and go!
  • Use them as Natural Perfume of Cologne – click to read about my favorite ones!
  • Raindrop Technique – click here to learn about this unusual technique that brings harmony to the body
  • Massage – have an essential oil massage or make your own massage oils.

How do I use the Inhalation Method?

This is one of the easiest ways to use the oils.

Simply, smell the oil directly from the bottle. Or, place several drops in your palm. Then activate the oil by rotating the oil in a circle in your palm three times clockwise and smell. It's that easy!

Throw Away your Plug-Ins?

Yes! Use a ultrasonic diffuser instead! Diffusing is another easy and very popular method that I truly love to use.

Put a few drops of oils in your diffuser, turn it on, and diffuse the oil into your room. Read here about the different types of diffusers, how they work and how to use them.

More great oil tips for topical use!

  • Put a drop or two of oil in your humidifier or vaporizer.
  • Put oil on a cotton ball and put in or on your vents or fans.
  • Put a drop of oil on your pillow case before you retire or nap.

How do I take them Internally as a Dietary Supplement?

One of my favorite ways to ingest the oils is to put them a drop or two in a drink or in a teaspoon of honey.

In the summer, I love to add Lemon vitality, Grapefruit vitality, or Citrus Fresh Vitality Essential Oils to my water and drink it through out the day to stay refreshed. Remember they are very concentrated so it usually only takes a drop!

If you don't like the taste, add 2-4 drops to a vegetable capsule, dilute at least 50:50 or, as indicated, and swallow.

Most edible oils (ingestible) are designated by:

  • GRAS – FDA Generally regarded as Safe
  • FA – FDA Approved Food Additive
  • FL – Flavoring Agent

Please, remember to research your individual oil to make sure they are SAFE to use in the way you want to use them!

On the website, read over the individual oil or blend for this information, or consult a dependable reference guide. They usually have an essential oils use section. Also read the general oil safety section.

Thank you for following the directions and making sure your brand of oil can be used in the same way Young Living oils can be. Please check your labels and the recommendations from the company as they will differ. This ensures everyone can keep using oil safely and surely.

So don't be shy, maybe give an essential oil a try!

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