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Essential Oil Plant Enzymes -
Types of Enzymes

Essential oil plant enzymes help the body assimilate nutrients, support healthy pancreas function, and a healthy digestive system; help to cleanse the body and more.

Let's face it without enzymes, we would cease to function; therefore, the benefits of enzymes are beyond measure and yet many people don't know what enzymes are and how to use them!

How do Enzymes Work?

Enzymes are catalysts which guide the many metabolic functions in the body. They direct, coordinate and assure that everything functions well and goes according to plan. The result? Support healthy systems in the body.

Do Essential Oils contain Enzymes?

This is a much disputed concept however, we know that they contain the blueprint for enzyme activity or an energetic signature. And that certain oils have the ability to stimulate enzyme activity in the body.

Therefore, taking enzyme supplements with essential oils has a synergistic effect. The benefits of essential oils continue to add up. To promote wellness and healthy function of body systems, incorporate enzymes and oils into your diet, or what's better is using digestive enzymes supplement that contain both!

Do We Have an Endless Supply of Enzymes?

It is suspected that we have a finite supply of enzymes available to the body. So another words if we are not eating pounds of raw fruits and vegetables containing enzymes, periodically fasting or supplementing with essential oils and enzymes, we may not be getting all the enzymes to maintain our healthy wellness goals.

Experience Essential Oil Plant Enzymes

What Destroys Enzymes?

Enzymes are destroyed by these things:

  • Heat – Heating food destroys enzymes. This is why eating a certain amount of raw fruit and vegetables is a necessary part of a healthy diet. It is also why we feel better when we are eating healthy; because our enzyme level is up!
  • Modern Processes – Pasteurization, sterilization and microwaving also can render enzymes inactive.
  • Non-organic Cultivation – When food is cultivated with herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers, the enzymes are affected.

What are the Types of Enzymes?

To read about the enzyme types in the body, click here.

What are the Benefits of Enzymes?

To learn more about the benefits of digestive enzymes, click on the link.

What Digestive Enzymes Supplement are the Best?

The enzymes I personally recommend contain essential oils. Enzymes are safe to take and to give to your animal; however, please always follow all directions of the particular product you are using.

How do I purchase Essential Oil Plant Enzymes?

To purchase enzymes, go to The Oil Shop

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