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Essential Oils for Emotions
Support People and Animal Wellness

Essential oils for emotions support emotional wellness and wellbeing for people and animals. Citrus oils can uplift and make a sunny day while lavender can unwind the stress of a hectic day! Choose your oil and your experience!

Emotions play a significant part in how people and animals think and feel on a daily basis as so much of responses or reactions is programmed from early experiences and is stored on a subconscious level.

Depending on whether that experience was positive or negative will determine the response as emotions are directly tied in with our senses. As a matter of fact, our nose is hard wired to our brain which means that you smell something and it will solicit an immediate memory or response. But this can also happen if you see something or hear something.

It is important to understand emotions and how they affect the limbic system of the brain before you start to use essential oils for emotions or when your using oils for emotional release.

Why Should I Care about Dog, Cat or Horse Emotions (or Our Emotions)?

Because according to the definition of emotions, animals behave according to their emotional state. So, if an animal are scared, they may fight, spook or act aggressively depending on their behavioral patterning that was programmed or ingrained in the early years of their lives or if a significant bad event took place as described above. This is the same for people. Essential oils for emotions can help.

How do Essential Oils Help Transform Emotions and Patterns?

For a further explanation check out essential oils for emotional wellness,  my FREE Teleseminar "Breaking through Emotional Barriers" and my FREE TOPIC BUNDLE in the EEO Membership (coming soon)

Experience Essential Oils for Emotions - Top Five Categories

What Oils Can I Use to Support Emotional Wellness and/or Release Emotions and Emotional Triggers?

Here the top FIVE general categories that I see in my work with people and animals. Remember, there are thousands of different emotions and versions of them each with a unique energy frequency or signature. It is the frequency of the oil that helps to shift the emotion or the pattern.

Also, keep in mind I use over 300 different oils, so sometimes it is best to go with a professionally made blend that is made specifically for emotions.

One other suggestion is that you could start with the Feelings Essential Oil Collection!

Accept Change

Stress/Fear – Use oils for calming, relaxing and grounding emotions. Here are a few examples:

Also use oils for courage listed below. Because this is such an important topic and one I deal with often, I have an entire section devoted to it. So click here for more information! Also look at the oils for stress section.

Regret/Grief – Use oils that are uplifting and that will support the body in releasing it by opening of the heart chakra. Here are a few examples:

Place topically over the heart, heart chakra or heart meridian and/or smell.

Anger/Rage/Hate – Use oils that will release negative emotions. And help an animal or person how to deal with anger. Here are a few examples:

Smell, place over the area of the liver meridian.

Hard Circumstances/Abandonment Issues – Use oils that will release negative emotions of abandonment. Support people and animals that have come from homes where they received little support or poor treatment. Here are a few examples:

Courage/Confidence – Use oils that will release emotions of defeated, victim and worthless. Here are a few examples:

In general, no matter what emotions I am facing, I like to use oils to support healthy focus and bring awareness as well. The top three oils for this are Brain Power, Clarity and Peppermint essential oils.

And like all things, the answer is not always linear or straight forward. I am fortunate that I am extremely intuitive and can usually pick up exactly what an animal or person needs.

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