Chigger Bite Remedy - Easy
Application with Essential Oils!

A chigger bite remedy can be easily made with therapeutic grade essential oils. They are an easy and natural alternative to traditional pharmaceutical solutions.

Chigger bites are often confused with tick bites because of the red bumps they create. However chiggers do not transmit infectious disease and one usually can not see them because they are so small! Also they usually bite at the feet and ankles; and itching usually follows pretty quickly.

Essential oils can be applied to the chigger bites to relief the itching quickly. And we can use oils to repel chiggers as well!

What Essential Oils do I use for Chigger Bites?

These oils work the best for chigger bites:

Apply 1-2 drops directly on the bite or dilute as required. Place it on the bite up to four times per day.

Valerie Ann Worwood suggests this chigger remedy in her book The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy:

Apply directly on the bites every three hours for the first day. Then apply lavender NEAT until the bumps have subsided. One could also place this mixture in a glass sprayer bottle and spray it on!

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