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Nan Martin of Experience Essential Oils and her dog,  Lexie, at the Barn. Courtesy of Wild Eyes Photgarphy.

About Nan Martin and  The idea for this site came to me three years ago when I was researching essential oils. At the time I was at the early stages of my journey, and I needed to stay focused on learning not building a website.

In 2009, the company I selected to develop my website, Site Build It (SBI), started an instructor based course that would walk you through building your website. I knew immediately this was for me and that it was time to move forward.

I didn’t want to give SBI the reins, but I didn’t want to figure it all out on my own either. Plus, I loved the thought of having a mentor as a traveled this new road.

My idea was to create a website that was easy and fun for not only those who use the oils, but for those in search of hope and opportunity. People who don’t know anything about the oils.

Most of the oil sites are set up so you need to have some knowledge of the oil you are looking for. Here I present the most common challenges people have today. Then match the oils to help those challenges. The information comes from over thirty different books, my own and other people’s experiences.

Once people have good quality information, then it is up to them to choose their way. Most of the time, people can intuitively choose the oil that is right for them. Even if it is by mistake!

Anyway, SBI has been a great partner in my website journey. It would have cost me over $50,000 or more to create a website like this through a designer, so I feel blessed that I found them. I do recommend them and if you are interested in learning more about SBI, click below on the link.

Site Build It Home Page

About Nan Martin, Her Passions and Discoveries

This is the story of how I got introduced to essential oils. I know it is lengthy, but I am compelled to share it with you.

I’m sure there is a piece of you that will connect with one part of my story and you will be inspired. Follow that inspiration to your heart and explore a new part of you.

Read as little or as much as you like. Enjoy your adventure and don’t forget to e-mail me with questions or thoughts! Happy Hunting!

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Nan Martin's Awakening towards Healing
- An Alternative Choice

I have a passion for learning and exploring that is never-ending. I also have always had a connection to nature and animals as far back as I can remember.

I learned to ride horses at age 5 and have competed most of my life in the equestrian discipline of hunters and jumpers. I still teach and train part time through my business in South Florida.

I obtained my BA and MS Degrees in Environmental Science/Biology and Environmental Engineering. And worked as an environmental consultant for over 13 years.

I assessed contamination risk/exposure to humans and the environment, cleaned up hazardous waste sites and provided safety oversight. It was fascinating work and I loved it, but eventually I left corporate for a more peaceful and fulfilling lifestyle.

My interest in holistic modalities and medicine become apparent after I slipped and fell while working on a boat. I severely injured my neck and back, and was in extreme pain.

I was told to stay on my back for two weeks (or more), or until my back spasms stopped. I was also sent home with prescription muscle relaxants and pain killers.

I took the medicines once, but I was so foggy and incoherent I stopped. My body instinctively just didn’t want them. I have a high pain tolerance so I roughed it.

Several months later I still was in pain and becoming progressively worst. A friend suggested I go see her Chiropractor who is from the Applied Kinesiology (AK) school of thought. He told me my back and neck had healed incorrectly. All the curvature in my neck was gone and that was creating pain throughout my body.

His recommendation was weekly visits and medical grade herbal supplements. Surely and slowly I recovered under his guidance.

And this is when I first knew that the injury and recovery had changed my life forever. I continued to use AK chiropractors and alternative health care professionals for my medical help and care and still do today.

Discovery of the Hidden Treasure - Essential Oils

In 2006 when I moved back to Florida, my chiropractor first introduced me to therapeutic grade essential oils. I had used essential oils in the past with little or no results, so I was hesitant, but he assured me that these oils were different.

He told me I had been using fragrant grade oils. His words: “Smell nice, but they don’t work!” If you knew Dr. Owen, then you also knew he didn’t sugar coat anything!

And in fact, he was right. Each visit I came in with another oil testimonial and left with a different oil. Finally, I was getting the results I wanted for myself, my students, my friends and the horses!

It was then I knew that Essential Oils were part of the missing puzzle piece that I was looking for to improve my well being.

Shortly after, having researched essential oils on-line and the companies who sold them, I became a member of Young Living Essential Oils, the same company Dr. Owen was affiliated with (Dr. Owen has since passed on).

This was the beginning of an incredible journey into my personal healing that I could have never imagined. I spent thousands of hours reading, learning and researching essential oils. And during this process I also worked on clearing most of my own emotional baggage which led to the opening of my own intuitive gifts. Which are an integral and significant part of what I do now.

I am fascinated by the topic of therapeutic grade essential oils and thrilled by the breakthroughs people and their pets are having! Their lives change on aso many levels just by using the oils. It is like a door opens in their lives.

When I took an intensive through CARE (Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education, Inc.) to learn more about Raindrop Technique, Applied Vitaflex and Emotional Release, I was further hooked! These are all modalities where Young Living essential oils are used.

Following a combined Vitaflex and Raindrop session, all of us measured over a 1/2 inch taller! Some people up to an inch! We measured each participant before and after the session so the proof was right there taped on the wall for us to see.

The oils, like us, are gentle and friendly facilitators of our own true healing that God has provided for us! Thank you universe!

Where Did I Go from There? And Where to Next?

I have now combined most of my earthly skills and have found a few new ones in the process! How exciting is that!

I became a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach (LSHC) in February 2010 and a CARE Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist (CRTS) in March 2011. As a CRTS, I am allowed to practice raindrop legally in all 50 states, as well as, the 10 provinces of Canada.

At the same time, I formalized my executive intutive coaching. This work is so powerful as it helps people and their animals to break through emotional barriers quicker than anything else! It is life changing work that creates permanent and transformational results. I also select oils for people and animals which will release triggers and patterns very quickly.

In 2013 I launched my first online training program, Using Essential Oils for People and Animals, the first of it's kind! Everyone has been totally enjoying and learning so much from the program! I dedicated this course to my wonderful dog Lexie which helped me learn so much from the oils!

I have many more projects to develop but with the passing in of my Mom in August 2013 much of what was on the plate for 2013-14 had to be put on the back burner including my radio show. However, with that said, my dedication  to my coaching and working with the Young Living oils has continued to strengthen and grow.

Despite all odds, my Young Living TEAM helped me achieve Silver rank in April of 2014 and Gold in October 2014.

I am so honored to work with such great people in my coaching and my downline; and help them achieve their goals and dreams! I am amazed at what we all can accomplish when we clear out our baggage, set an intent, and work in service to achieve it!

Whats Next?

Well as I evolve, the web site and my business will evolve. Great for readers, great for me! Stay tuned!

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Thank you for reading and experiencing with me! Enjoy!!!

Essentially yours,

Nan Martin

Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy of Wild Eyes Photography! Thank you Marcella!

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