Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils - Quick Reference Guide to Single Oils

Single Essential Oil Guide

Therapeutic grade essential oils are listed here alphabetically so one can find information on a specific individual oil quickly if needed.

Did you know there is a difference between therapeutic grade, fragrance grade and even organic essential oils?

And it is not simply based on one factor. How the oil is harvested, extracted, and distilled can have a huge impact on the effect of the oil. Even the temperature and length of time oil is distilled can leave oil non-therapeutic.

When it comes to using oils for purposes other then fragrance, only therapeutic grade oils should be used. If oils are distilled synthetic chemicals or solvents the chemistry of the oil is changed; in the essential oil industry this is called "adulterated".

Once this happens, the oils may smell nice but most if not all of the therapeutic properties are gone; and they are laced with chemicals. This is particularly important if you intend to use them for emotional and physical well being or in your alternative health practice.

Did you know that from a scientific perspective, adulterating oils significantly lowers the frequency of the oil?

Yes, the frequency of the oil is lowered to the point where the healing properties are lost! For instance, when our food is processed and canned with synthetic additives its frequency measures at 0 MHz!

For optimum health the human body frequency should measure between 62 and 68 MHZ or above (72-90 MHz brain). Therapeutic grade oils measure between 52 and 320 MHZ depending on the oil; and illnesses, and even fresh herbs, measure below 60 MHz.

We may pay more for therapeutic grade essential oils but in the long run, they are better for our body and they will work for the intended purpose. Whether you intend to use them to help you relax, manage stress or heal spiritually, using therapeutic grade oils will pay off!

Personally, I am still excited about learning more everyday. And I am grateful to be working with natures most precious oils!

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