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I am not a big fan of website link exchange pages that are not valuable to anyone. However I do want to provide links to resources that I believe are important and significant to my readers.

Therefore, if you would like to exchange links, please

e-mail me for your consideration. For those have exchanged links with me, I honor our connection in this vast internet world and beyond! 

Nan’s Social Media Pages and Other Websites

Nan’s Social Media Pages and Other Websites

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Links

Healers, Intuitives, Spiritual and Emotional Healing Techniques

  • Barbara Rasor – Barb is an emotional intuitive and an instructor for Holos University. She also works with essential oils and can consult for your animal.

  • Kate Tremain – Kate is an intuitive animal communicator who is also a competitive dressage rider.

Nutritional Supplements other than Young Living

Animal Nutrition

  • US Animal of Vermont – Need great supplements for your horse or dog? There are so many supplements it is hard not to get confused these days! But, US Animal is the oldest animal nutritional company in the United States (over 25 years). I have used the Ultra Pro Form Elite for five years and it makes a huge difference in their coats, weight and digestion. Humans and animals need stomach enzymes for proper digestion and our diets and our animals lack it. This multi-vitamin and mineral supplement has enzymes too! US Animal does their own research and development led by a team of traditional and holistic veterinarians.

  • Pure Formulas – Need Pharmaceutical Grade Nutrition and Supplements for your Horse, Cat or Dog? This is the place to get it. They carry Standard Process, Biotics Research, NutriWest, Allergy Resource Group and Thorne. Free Shipping!

Animal Resources

  • Animal Awareness - Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt, created this site to bring his knowledge and Massage Awareness Method® to the public through personalized consultation and easy-to-follow tutorials. Equine and dog stretching and massage tutorials.


  • Somerset SportArt - Susan Benson has been on the forefront of equestrian marketing for over twenty years; and is a competitive rider. From catalogs to websites she knows how to reach horse people in need of product or services!

Resources for Cancer and Other Diseases

If you have a related link and would like to consider a website link exchange, please contact me. I will not consider link pages that do not contain a description of the sites or contain hundreds of non-categorized links so please keep that in mind before you e-mail me. Thank you.

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