My Home Remedies for Horses includes
Essential Oils, Does Yours?

The best home remedies for horses include Essential Oils. Use for horse relaxing, soothing muscles after exercise and fly spray! Oils make such fantastic natural remedies for horses. Learn how to use essential oils for horses and what to use them for here!

Why should we use Home Remedies for Horses and Specifically, Essential Oils?

I could list a million reasons why we should use essential oils for horses, but here are my top reasons! Also look at the benefits of essential oils section as well!

Essential oils are:

  • Non toxic to the horse – Just like the human body, toxicity is a huge problem for our animals.

  • Easy to use – Essential oils for horses can be used exactly in the same manner as with humans. Horses can inhale the oil directly from the bottle or from your hand. They can be placed directly on the body or placed in their feed.
  • Extremely beneficial for training horses – I mostly train young or green horses, or re-train problem horses that have people problems! The emotional component of this training is the most difficult portion and it is what makes me good at my job. The oils are another tool for the tool box. I can cut through training issues faster than I ever could before and I can see horses releasing emotional baggage before my eyes. Sometimes it is miraculous!
  • Good for riders too! – Riders are continually dealing with fears, insecurities, and nerves. These emotions and others effect our horse on a daily basis. The oils can help release many of these emotions, produce a synergistic effect between horse and rider and ultimately improve our riding!

Want to Purchase Therapeutic Grade Oils for Your Horses, Dogs and Cats?

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What Oils can I Use for Home Remedies for Horses?

All of the oils on this website can be used via inhalation; however, read through the individual oil information on this website before you do decide to use them. There are oils that I don't recommend for topical use, and of course there are oils you shouldn't use for certain conditions such as pregnancy.

Remember, it is really more about the purity of the oils. For instance, Human Raindrop and Equine Raindrop Techniques are performed with several oils that are considered by the British aromatherapists as "forbidden oils". But they also don't advocate the use of therapeutic grade oils. And the French are just the opposite; they rarely dilute the oils and emphasize purity for medicinal use!

Are there certain Types of Oil that We need to Use for Home Remedies for Horses?

Good question! Yes we need to use therapeutic grade essential oils. Perfume quality or aromatherapy oils will not work. In fact, perfume quality oils can cause more harm than good because they contain 90-95% solvents!

Pure therapeutic grade oils contain the pure volatile oil of the plant and are distilled without any adulteration. Therefore, they are expensive to produce and are rarely used in common day products. Look at the price of Rose Essential Oil or Jasmine Absolute to get an idea in the price difference!

Are there Safety Concerns?

Most of the problems associated with using essential oils stem from the fact that people are using perfume grade oils for medicinal or therapeutic use. Or people simply are not using them correctly! So please do follow the safety information listed with each individual oil or blend.

How do I use Essential Oils as Home Remedies for Horses?

Aromatherapy for horses is similar to humans so browse through the essential oil uses section to get more ideas on how to use the oils. Individual oils listed throughout this website contain safety information such as dilution as well as a animal section with some tips. Please do adhere to the safety instructions as you would a human. And please read through the essential oils safety section as well.

How do I know which Oils to use for Equine Aromatherapy?

Using the oils is a bit of a learning curve for sure, but the best thing you can do is look through the website and choose oils as you would for yourself. Or I can choose oils for you through an intuitive reading! This way the oils are chosen specifically for you or your horse (or both)! Click here to learn more about Nan's Services.

Go to the oils for stress, muscle and discomfort and read through those sections. Also, there are sections specifically written for horses on the bottom of this page. Then choose several oils to work with or choose a blend!

And I highly recommend getting a reference book! Always have one on hand.

How do I Approach my Horse with an Essential Oil?

Choose several oils to work with and place them in front of the muzzle and observe your horse. Horses intuitively love essential oils and will often times take the guess work out of it!

How do I Know if the Horse likes the Oil?

Notice what nostril the horse goes to and his reaction to the oil. Horses that like the oil may flare their nostrils, go for the bottle and even try to even nuzzle it out of your hand! They also may curl their lip (flehmen) in glee!

They sometimes will smell with one particular nostril then go to the other nostril, so pay attention! My mare always smells oils with her left nostril first, and then goes to the right nostril. This makes sense to me, because she is very intuitive and processes things emotionally first (left side), then physically (right side).

For instance, this is important, because if your horse smells an oil from the left nostril first for a certain physical condition, then it shows that there is an emotional component that led to the physical issue. And the emotional component should be addressed first. The good news is that the oil addresses the emotional component!

If the horse pins his ears back or turns away, then that particular oil is not for them and try something different.

How do I Apply the Oil?

For emotional issues, I have them smell the oil first. Then, I may place a drop or two of oil on the forehead (third eye), the crest of the neck by the mane or at the poll as well. I also allow my horses to lick the oil off my hand if it is an oil safe for ingestion. You can count on this when working with Peppermint oil for sure!

How Long do I Use the Oil?

I have had horses that needed different oils the next time I worked with them and I have had some horses that forever love Peace & Calming essential oil blend! So just check, they will let you know! You can use them at least twice a day or more.

I hope you enjoyed this section on home remedies for horses. Here are the other sections that are specifically written for horses and essential oils. Please scroll through them as well as the human pages!

Need Other Horse Remedies for Horses?

Here is a whole list of other home remedies for horses!

Want to Purchase Therapeutic Grade Oils for Your Horses, Dogs and Cats?

Then check out The Oil Shop and the section for animals specifically!

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