Going Green in Your Home with
Essential Oils! Good for Everyone!

Going green in your home with Essential Oils

Going green in your home includes using essential oils for everything around the house (and the barn)! I do, and I love it! I promise to show you in this section that going green can be cost effective, easy and fun!

I mean I know many of us are just used to using those commercial products we grew up with around our home; but the more you start using essential oils I really think your preferences will change.

Why should you be Going Green in your Home?

Here are a few reasons...

  • Why not? Do you honestly enjoy the smell of Bleach, Synthetic Air Fresheners or Scrubbing Bubbles?

  • Are you already using essential oils to improve your emotional and physical health? Then why not incorporate them into your cleaning, freshening and cooking routines! We know the benefits!

  • Are we cleaning up our bodies on one end (detoxing) by eating right, using oils, etc, and then bombarding them with toxins on another end by using toxic products in our home?

  • Are the products we are using good for our planet and the environment; and

  • Are the home products we are using toxic our dogs, cats and children?

I think you get the picture. I think about 98% of store bought products are made with synthetically made chemicals. Even the products that contain essential oils are frankly a joke because they contain perfume quality oils. Those too are cut with solvents or distilled from solvents and are not therapeutic grade oils.

Who is Really Winning Here? (small tangent, but worth reading!)

I will tell you who! Companies who manufacture drugs, cleaning products, paints, insecticides, etc! They are slowing killing us with toxicity. They care about their bottom line; not our health. I hope you become committed to going green in your home.

And now, we are really hooked in because those companies place a very small amount of a natural plant material in their products and label it "natural"! Oh, boy...I can hear you now. I ask you, without stating the obvious, are we that vulnerable? Maybe I’m crazy but...

I was in the environmental consulting business for thirteen years. It was my business to clean up hazardous materials, so I know better.

It is so interesting that we could not work on a site without a Health and Safety Plan that described the exact way we were going to protect ourselves.

Sometimes that included wearing a simple respirator and gloves (Level C); other times we were in full self contained breathing apparatus like the fire personnel (Level A or B). The level assigned depended on the chemical constituents and the level we measured in the air, soil, etc.

I loved being an environmental consultant, a safety officer and writing safety plans. I still am very knowledgeable in this area and it is very beneficial when learning about the chemistry of essential oils, and the toxins that are in our products, our bodies and ultimately in our land.

Did you know that all of the commercially made cleaning products would send our air monitoring equipment into a Frenzy!

Yes! According to our results we would have to declare our homes a Hazardous Waste Site and we would require at least Level C safety equipment to enter! Bathrooms and garages (where insecticides were just sprayed for pest control) would require at least Level B!

This was our ongoing "inside joke" in the consulting business. We would actually be hired by homeowners to come to their homes because of some mysterious gas or toxin that were making them sick. Our monitoring equipment would find that it was their toxic cleaning products! LOL!

Are We Cleaning up our Body on One End and Toxing them Out on Another?

I think so. The women’s cancer rate has skyrocketed since we began using chemically made products in our homes! Our grandmothers rarely died of anything but old age! So consider going green in your home with essential oils!

What Can we use Essential Oils for in the Home?

Everything! Here is the short list. There are many more ideas below!

  • Cleaning of Any Kind
  • Air Fresheners
  • Laundry Detergent and Dryer Sheets

What Essential Oils do I Use for Cleaning?

Going green in your home definitely includes all aspects of cleaning! Create your own homemade cleaning products easily with essential oils. Click here for more recipes and the best oils to use for various applications!

How Can I use Essential Oils for Paint?

Going green in your home includes paints. There are natural paints, but they are quite expensive. At least purchase low or zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint. Then,

Add one teaspoon of your favorite essential oil (at least 1 teaspoon) to 1 gallon of paint. Or add one 15 ml bottle to a 5 gallon bucket of pain. This will really help to combat the odor and fumes! And energetically soften the chemical constituents.

Here are some oil examples of essential oils for paint:

How can I use Essential Oils for Flooring?

Carpet in general is pretty toxic stuff to be honest. Remember, when we talked about the air monitoring equipment? Yes, same thing, new carpet vents VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Depending on the brand of carpet VOCs can release for weeks or months! Plus it traps everything including toxic mold! Another reason for going green in your home.

Make an essential oil carpet freshener by adding 15-20 drops of oils to baking soda or borax powder. After mixing, place in a container overnight so the oils absorb into the powder. Sprinkle your carpet with your mixture and vacuum! Use the oils listed above, or make your own!

Want your Vacuum to become a Diffuser While Cleaning?

Huh? Yup, vacuum up a tissue or piece of toilet paper that has essential oils on it! It will smell much better!

Have Non-carpeted Floors?

Good for you! Add 5-10 drops of essential oils to 1/2 cup of white vinegar, then place in a bucket of water. Make an essential oil carpet freshener by adding 15-20 drops of oils to baking soda or borax powder. After mixing, place in a container overnight so the oils absorb into the powder. Sprinkle your carpet with your mixture and vacuum! Use the oils listed above, or make your own!

I like to use:

Remember, if you need a degreaser, lemon essential oil works wonders! See going green in your home is easy!

Are there Essential Oils that Purify the Air?

This is almost a no brainer! I think almost all essential oils are natural air fresheners. The best way to accomplish this is to purchase a diffuser. Click here for more homemade air freshener recipes and oils!

What Essential Oils are Purifying?

Going green in your home includes using natural disinfectants. Here are some oils that have purifying properties:

And the smell is great!

Can I use Essential Oils in the Laundry or Dryer?

Yes, throw away your dryer sheets! And make your own dryer sheets. It is so simple. I use Thieves Cleaner for laundry detergent and dryer!

Are there Essential Oils that Purify Water?

Not completely, you will need a water distiller for that! But, they will help purify the water to some extent and add flavor.  If you have counter top water distiller, faucet water purifiers or water filters then place 3-5 drops of oil on the post-filter side.

I put several drops of Citrus Fresh in my distiller on the charcoal pad for a very subtle hint of flavor! Use any oil or blend – Lemon, Grapefruit, or Peppermint Essential Oils all work great!

And if you don't have a water distiller, I definitely suggest getting one! Then oxygenate, mineralize and alkalize the distilled water with a Vitalizer Plus Hexagonal Water Appliance. This is the best tasting drinking water in the world and you are never dehydrated when you drink this water! I love it!

What Essential Oils do I use for Cleaning?

Going green in your home definitely includes all aspects of cleaning! Create your own homemade cleaning products easily with essential oils. I personally like to use Thieves Household Cleaner. One can use it for everything including the dishwasher and the laundry!

What about Dish Soap using Essential Oils?

You bet! Add essential oils to improve fragrance, the disinfectant action or to cut through grease! Or make your own homemade dish soap with essential oils. That section contains recipes and the best oils to use for the dishwasher!

I hope you can see how easy and fun it can be by going green in your home! Honestly, please clean up your body and your home. Indirectly if everyone does a little bit, it will ultimately help keep our air, soil and water cleaner for future generations. :)

Do it as a gift to yourself, your children, your animals and your planet! I wish you the best in your life and your home!

Want to learn more? Read Green This! by Deirdre Imus. She uses essential oils as well. And uses (and recommends) the same company that I purchase my essential oils from! 

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