Dog Parasites - 
Are Essential Oils Anti-Parasitic?

Dog parasites can be addressed with essential oils also. But first, let’s look at the categories of parasites that may affect your dog:

This section will address worms and protozoal infection and essential oils. If you click on the other sections listed above it will provide additional information on that subject!

What are the Symptoms of Dog Worms or Dog Protozoa?

Here are some general symptoms that your dog has worms:

What Types of Dog Worms Exist?

Dog worms are a type of dog parasites. There are five more common types of dog worms. Here they are:

  • Dog Roundworms (transmitted through contaminated soil; animals)
  • Dog Tapeworms (transmitted through fleas)
  • Dog Hookworms (transmitted through contaminated soil)
  • Dog Heartworms (transmitted through mosquitoes)
  • Dog Whipworms (transmitted through contaminated water or food)

What Protozoa Infect Dogs?

The most common protozoa are Giardia that comes from contaminated drinking water. These protozoa live in the small intestines.

What Essential Oils will help with Parasites?

Oils that are anti-parasitic are listed below. For ticks, insects and fleas, please click on the appropriate section to get the best oils! Here are some oils suggestions:

Here are some professionally made blends that have been used to help dispel worms:

Place on the paws to release the parasites. Or put it in a capsule and have them swallow it! I prefer the skin or paw method!

The oil of Nutmeg is also anti-parasitic but because it must be used in very small amounts it is best combined with other oils.

I also suggest probiotics, raw diet and a supplement called ParaFree.

ParaFree contains ten different essential oils, many of which are listed above in an organic olive and sesame oil base. Several holistic vets use ParaFree in their practice. I read a case where a small dog was given 3-4 ParaFree per day to treat heartworm (along with helichrysum, enzymes, Longevity and Oregano essential oil).

The human dosage for this supplement is one to four per day. So I would adjust accordingly. I give my dog one capsule for a few days during the month for prevention of worms. Or when I start to see some signs of tapeworm, I give her one capsule a day for three to five days.

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