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Hair Loss and Growth

Essential oils hair loss and growth. Help your hair grow faster and minimize additional hair loss.

Are you troubled by hair loss? Essential Oils Hair Loss may help!

Do you want a natural hair product to promote healthy, thick hair?

I do, I do! I started losing my hair over ten years ago. It was disturbing and frustrating.

I say frustrating because I am a very healthy individual to start with and take good care of my body and hair. I eliminated all the things that create unhealthy hair including harsh shampoos and chlorinated water years ago.

And still my hair loss was progressively getting worst.

I tried everything on the market (natural) with little or no results. I noticed that I lost more hair if:

  • My neck or body was out of alignment (due to poor circulation to my scalp)

  • During my menstrual cycle (hormonal fluctuations)

  • The shower water was highly chlorinated

  • I was under excessive stress, or

  • I was extremely tired.

Spending 13 years as an environmental consultant, I can tell you that the quality of the water you are showering is significant.

I notice a difference in the amount of hair loss I see in Arizona versus Florida versus the Caribbean!  Even if I am there for only a week.

Please, if you do not have well water or filtered water through out the house, my suggestion is purchase a good quality filtered shower head. Your body and your hair will thank you. Chlorine causes dry skin and hair, as well as other health concerns.

So, hair loss, can be attributed to a number of things including hormonal fluctuations or conditions such as alopecia (inflammation of the scalp). 

But, what is normal hair loss?

Normal hair loss is about 20-100 strands per day and can increase with any of things mentioned previously (or in the Oils for Hair section). So, look at the things you can do to immediately to minimize your hair loss. This may include managing your stress level or getting a shower filter! Then select a few oils to add to your normal hair routine.

Great Essential Oil Tip - If you are STRESSED, then select oils that will help you manage both!

I have listed below the oils that will minimize hair loss and help your hair grow faster.

Personally, I have found Clary Sage, Lavender and Rosemary to be extremely helpful. Clary sage and lavender promote estrogen balance and prevents thickening in the membrane tissue around the hair follicle that results in hair loss.

Here is what I did to start:

  1. Use a cleansing shampoo or cleansing oils first before you start treatment. This will remove the buildup of chlorine, grease and chemicals in your hair and scalp.

  2. Pick several oils to use for shampooing and/or make a treatment with the base oil. (You may have to experiment with several oils until you find the best match.)

  3. Use until the condition improves.

  4. Start to include or use oils that stimulate growth next.

  5. Remember, you may need to try several different oils for your hair/body type!

First, I tried adding oils to shampoos, creating tonics, and I did find that it helped. But then I found that adding 3-5 drops of each oil every morning to a dime sized amount of organic shampoo works best for me.

Start slow and write down the changes so you can really keep track. Then work your way up to using more oils if you have to. Using more is not always better!

Here are the oils that are documented to reduce hair loss. In general, we want oils that increase circulation, minimize hair loss and promote growth.

Essential Oils Hair Loss:

Oils that promote growth are:

Base or carrier oils/products: Avocado, jojoba, borage or aloe vera.

If you have Alopecia, you want oils that reduce scalp inflammation while stimulating hair growth. By the way, this is the 2nd leading cause of baldness in the USA.

Essential Oils Hair Loss (Alopecia):

Base or carrier oils: Grape seed, jojoba or borage.

Want tips on your specific hair type? Troubled by dandruff?

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