Fire Ant Bite Remedy are Trouble and Stress
Free with Essential Oils!

A fire ant bite remedy can be made with ease with essential oils. They are an uncomplicated to use and are a great natural alternative to traditional solutions! They also work for all ant bites so one doesn't need different oils.

Fire ant bites can hurt because they actually sting and inject alkaline venom into the skin. What is left is an itchy welt!

I constantly seem to be getting all sorts of ant bites at the barn. They are everywhere! But usually just one application of my favorite essential oil soothes the sting and I don’t even remember I received a bite. I use them on my horse and dog as well and they seem to be quite thankful!

What Essential Oils do I use as a Fire Ant Bite Remedy?

These oils work the best for all ant bites:

I have had great success with Purification and I swear by it. Lavender, basil and thyme also work well. Basil would probably be my second choice; but as I said, I never have had to use anything but the Purification oil!

Apply 1-2 drops directly on the bite or dilute as required. Place it on the bite up to four times per day if you need to but I doubt you will!

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