First Aid for Bee Stings - 
Essential Oils Take the Sting Out!

First Aid for bee stings can be easily addressed with therapeutic grade essential oils. Essential oils have anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, and oil-soluble properties which make them the perfect bee and wasp sting remedies!

One may be very allergic to any kind of bee sting; so if this is the case, please seek medical attention immediately. Thankfully, lavender is good for stings and stress so use your oils on the way to keep everyone calm and focused!

What Essential Oils do we use as a Wasp or Bee Sting Remedy?

We want to use oils that have natural anti-inflammatory, antihistamine and antipruritic (relieves itching) properties. These oils will relieve the bee sting swelling and reduce the itchiness from the sting. The oils that contain these properties are:

For bee and hornet stings one can use any of the oils listed above. However, wasp venom is alkaline in nature and therefore Alan Higley in his book Reference Guide for Essential Oils suggests that an individual uses this wasp sting remedy:

Personally I have used Purification for almost every insect bite and sting imaginable and had fantastic results. Many people swear by lavender and roman chamomile and of course they are both excellent oils for stress and anxiety as well!

Lastly, oils marked with two asterisks, **, are known to relieve itching due to allergies, insects or dry skin as well.

How do I Remove the Stinger?

Hornets and wasps don’t leave the stinger behind, but bees do. In that case, I usually take something stiff like a credit card and whisk it away! New research shows that the most important thing is to remove the stinger as quickly as possible and don’t fret over how to do it.

How do I Apply the Oil for First Aid for Bee Stings?

After the stinger has been removed, directly apply 1-2 drop to the areas every fifteen minutes for the first hour. The oils may be applied 2-3 times per day until the redness and swelling subside. One may also apply a cold compress on the area to reduce swelling.

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