Gnat Repellent Goes Natural 
with Essential Oils!

Gnat repellent made with essential oils will deter gnats and prevent biting. But if one does get a gnat bite, then essential oils can help there as well!

Gnats, midges and mosquitoes are often confused as we tend to lump everything in one class. There are non biting gnats (midges) that are simply annoying and then the biting midges that actually survive on blood like mosquitoes. Culicoides actually cause quite a bit or harm to horses because certain species carry virus and parasites!

While there is some overlap in the oils that will repel mosquitoes and gnats, one may want to make a natural repellent with oils that repel both! Especially, if you are not quite sure what is biting you!

Making repellents and insecticides from essential oils is a safe and simple alternative to store bought products that contain many synthetic chemicals. Personally, I have more reactions to the chemicals that are in the product than the bite itself!

This is what led me to looking for truly natural alternatives that were safe for me and my animals!

What Essential Oils do I use as a Natural Gnat Repellent?

These oils work the best for repelling gnats:

Spearmint Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil

Geranium Essential Oil

Eucalyptus globulus Essential Oil

Add 3-5 drops of essential oil to about a teaspoon of a base oil such as V-6 or jojoba oil. And place it on exposed skin.

We can make a gnat repellent spray by simply placing the oils in witch hazel base as well. Use two teaspoons of witch hazel to 4 tablespoons of water with 5 drops of oil.

You may also just put several drops of the oils in with some distilled water as well as I prefer to do. Place it in a glass spray bottle; and shake and spray away!

Note: I have seen articles where people are recommending citrus oils such as orange oil. Please know that these oils are photosensitive meaning that once they are applied to your body you shouldn’t be exposed to the direct sunlight for 8-24 hours depending on the oil and the individual.

Therefore they are not recommended for repellents for use directly on the body; but if you do use them, spray them on clothing, bedding, etc.

Additionally, for the best effect, please make sure you are using therapeutic grade oils. Good quality oils are not only the key to success but ensure that you will not have sensitivity to solvent distilled oils!

If you know you are going to be exposed to gnats (or other insects), you can start to use the oils a few days in advance by placing them on your feet for instance.

Just having the oils in our body, will deter insects! Even taking an essential oil supplement such as Longevity will deter insects!

Remember to look through the oils for insecticides section on ways to use your oil blend for insect strips or strings for around the home!

Have a Gnat Bite???

Please see the gnat bite section to relief the itching quickly! 

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