Home Remedy Head Lice Recipes
Created with Essential Oils
are a Safe Alternative

Home remedy head lice blends can be easily formulated with essential oils. They are a non-toxic and safe alternative for getting rid of head lice as compared with traditional pharmaceutical solutions.

This especially holds true with children, since children are the ones who mostly pick up lice; and they are so vulnerable to the neurotoxins and carcinogens found in chemical based products!

Did you know that the most common lice remedy is made with lindane?

Yes, lindane's chemical name is gamma-hexachlorocyclohexane or benzene hexachloride (BHC). This is a hazardous polychlorinated pesticide that has been recommended by some experts to be banned!

Its structure is very similar to DDT insecticide that is used by the agricultural industry. It is hazardous to ones health and has shown to cause liver, kidney and neurological damage.

And yet...

We put large amounts of it on our head where it is quickly absorbed by the body! But there is a home remedy head lice alternative.

Did you know that studies have shown that therapeutic grade essential oils effectively kill lice (pediculosis) and their eggs (nits)?

Yes, there have been many studies conducted documenting the effectiveness of essential oils against head lice. At least seven essential oils have been documented to prevent and combat head lice including Tea Tree and Thyme oils!

Did you know that the Native Americans stuffed their beds with pine needles to repel lice and fleas? Yes, pine is more than a century old home remedy head lice recipe for repelling head and body lice!

What are the Head Lice Symptoms?

The biggest symptom is head itching! But you may also see lice bites on the back of the neck or on the forehead. And regrettable by the time an individual really feels the itch, then they probably already have a good lice infestation in the works!

Adult head lice can live for about four weeks in the head and about 48 hours if they are in the open air without food (host). The females lay up to ten eggs per day and they hatch in seven to ten days; so one can see that the population can explode quite quickly!

What Essential Oils do I use as a Head Lice Home Remedy?

These oils work the best for natural lice remedies:

Apply to the feet to disperse throughout the body. And, dilute 50:50 and apply one teaspoon to the scalp up to three times per day. Cover the head with a disposable shower cap and leave the mixture on for at least 30 minutes. Once the time has elapsed, then one can shampoo and rinse the hair and scalp well.

A home remedy head lice recipe suggested in the book Desk Reference for Essential Oils is presented below:

Use as instructed above.

Also, for a natural head lice rinse, take one cup of Thieves Fresh Essence Mouthwash and massage into the hair and scalp in the shower. Leave on for ten minutes and then rinse out!

Do these same oils work for Body Lice and Other Lice?

Absolutely! Use the same home remedy head lice oils.

Can we use Essential Oils to Make a Lice Repellent?

For sure! Using these oils on a daily basis will deter lice from infesting our body! Just as using the Flea or Tick Spritz deters those insects from landing on us or our animals. Insects do not like the smell of essential oils and they will usually move to another home before staying on a host that is using essential oils! 

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