Lyme Tick Bite - Use Essential Oils to
Release the Grip and the Infection!

A Lyme tick bite is a very serious matter whether it is human or animal. While all ticks do not carry Lyme disease, there are certain tick types labeled "hard-bodied" that most often carry it; the ticks that carry it are called vectors.

This section will help us learn what essential oils can help us repel ticks, how to remove a tick using essential oils and how to support our body in combating this disease.

What is Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease is from a microorganism from the Borrelia genus. The genus species that carries the disease is different in other parts of the world. Once the tick bites us or our animals it is transmitted if the tick is infected.

How do we Prevent Tick Bites?

Ticks like other insects are not very fond of essential oils! Yea!

So, we can make natural tick repellent from essential oils and make sure we are fending off our pesky friends. In the past, the only time we were concerned about ticks was when we went in the woods; and therefore, took the necessary precautions. Even when our pets got ticks, we just pulled them off and weren't much concerned with the health of our animals.

Today, this is not the case. In the areas where ticks are prevalent, you want to use the tick spritzer any time you think you may get a lyme tick bite! It is safe for dogs and humans for sure!

Click here to see what essential oils will repel ticks!

What Happens if we Get a Lyme Tick Bite?

If the tick is still attached, be very careful and follow the instructions here for removing the tick. Usually a drop or two of oil directly on the tick will provoke it to release its grip! If the documented that if the tick is removed in the first 24 hours, than the chances of getting Lyme Disease are minimized.

What are the First Symptoms of Lyme Disease?

Here are some symptoms of a Lyme tick bite:

  • Circular Rash resembling bulls eye (3-30 days after lyme tick bite)

  • Headache

  • Muscle Aches

  • Fever/Flu like symptoms

From two to four weeks and beyond, one may also start experiencing some neurological issues and heart palpitations.

What are the Chronic Lyme Disease Symptoms?

Along with the first symptoms, most untreated cases from a Lyme tick bite also experience:

  • Lowered Motor or Sensory Function (especially in lower extremities)

  • Neurological

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Arthritis

  • Skin Conditions

What Essential Oils Help to Combat Lyme Disease?

We want to use oils that have anti-viral, anti-infectious and antibacterial properties. These are the oils that fit into that category. These can be used on our horses and dogs as well. And can also be used to combat Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Personally, I would do several Raindrop Sessions since this technique is geared at combating virus, bacteria and infection. A modified Raindrop can also be done on our animals and I wouldn't hesitate.

My chiropractor who first introduced me to therapeutic grade essential oils swore by this method outlined in Alan Higley's book, Reference Guide for Essential Oils:

From Dr. Owen's notes: He would use the first three oils and if symptoms did not improve then he would advise using the other oils. He also recommended using immune system boosting oils and cleansing products to keep the kidney, liver and digestive system performing at their optimum function.

And taking Thieves internally. Today there is a supplement made from Thieves called Inner Defense that makes this a bit easier for all of us. It also contains several species of Oregano and Thyme oils that are highly anti-infectious. I have to say that this product was the only thing that seemed to work when I was testing positive for West Nile!

Did you know that studies have been done on the effects of Oregano on Ticks?

Yes, one study printed in Veterinary Parasitology in March 2009, showed that tick mortality increased with increasing concentrations of Origanum minutiflorum (found in Inner Defense). The species of tick is a relative to the brown dog tick.

We know that the active ingredient in Oregano is carvacrol, a phenol. Carvacrol inhibits the growth of many bacteria strains and actually disrupts the cell membrane!

What Essential Oils Support the Immune System?

The best professionally made blends that I have used are:

Do our Animals get Lyme Disease?

Remember Lyme Disease in horses and dogs does exist. I have seen several horses that had the disease and they were prescribed a lifetime of antibiotics (the general and common way for Lyme to be treated medically). It was sad for me to see these horses so crippled and emotionally depressed.

The symptoms are very much the same. With the horses, the stiffness and neurological signs can definitely mimic EPM so you definitely want your vet to runs some tests so you know.

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