Build A Natural First Aid Kit
With Essential Oils!

A Natural First Aid Kit is simple to put together with essential oils. Whether it is a cut, a sting or overexposure to sun, there is an essential oil that you can use for first aid!

Why Should We Use Essential Oils in Our Natural First Aid Kit?

Essential oils support our body and allow it to come back into into it's natural state of equilibrium. They have hundreds of benefits which we can take advantage of every day.

Secondly they are easy and convenient to use. I love that I don’t have to have three sets of products for my horse, my dog and myself!

Plus, because they have multiple properties, I can use them for a variety of things.

Although I have provided several oil options for everything; really if you have ten to fifteen oils in your home that will be a great foundation.

Lastly, remember when dealing with any emergency, we must also address the emotional aspect of what ever is going on! Usually we all need to stay calm and focused during these situations, and essential oils offer the perfect solution. This seems obviously but is often times forgotten!

What Can We Use Essential Oils For in the Natural First Aid Kit?

Almost anything! But here I will focus on the major first aid situations that can be easily addressed with essential oils. Here they are:

What Essential Oils Do I Keep in My Natural First Aid Kit?

Here are the oils that I use as an essential oil first aid kit. Just click on the oil and it will tell you more information.

I keep a small amount of Ortho Sport or Ortho Ease; usually not both.

Use ImmuPower to help support your immune system.

I also always have V-6 Vegetable Oil a pure grade vegetable oil for mixing and diluting if necessary. And Animal Scents Ointment or Rose Ointment to soothe minor cuts and scrapes. Both the ointments contain therapeutic grade essential oils and are fantastic!

What Natural First Aid Kits Can I Make?

Don’t forget to put together essential oil First Aid Kits together for your animals! For suggestions on what oils to use, look at these links:

What Oils do I Use to Deal with the Emotional End of an Accident, Emergency or Injury?

The emotional side of things can be addressed using any of the oils in the stress or emotion sections. But, in each of the First Aid Kits I suggest at least five different oils that deal with the emotional component. This is because it is so important to address the physical and emotional components! 

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