Natural Muscle Relaxer
Ease Occasional Muscle Spasm & Discomfort

Are you looking for a natural muscle relaxer? Do you know what to do for muscle spasms? Do you need a natural remedy for muscle discomfort due to exercise or everyday activities?

Well, you have landed in the right location! Essential oils can help with all of the occasional muscle issues particularly after exercise. This includes occasional muscle fatigue, ache and pain, and spasms.

Essential Oils are best used for prevention when the body is functioning optimally. Use oils in combination with nutritional supplements to support a healthy musculoskeletal system; and maintain healthy joints and bones. Here are some suggestions:

  • Omega Gize Essential Oil Supplement with Omega -3 Fish oils. 

Second, oils are best used in combination with massage. Gently placing a drop or two on topically and massage into the skin or bring your oil to your massage therapist and have her work it into your session.

As a matter of fact, in combination with massage oils can support circulation by flushing lactic acid from the muscles resulting in improved body function; flush out joints; increase strength and flexibility which will make you less prone to injury.

Click on the individual oil to learn more about how and what to use it for. And check out the Oil Uses Section to learn how to use the oils.

What creates a Muscle Cramp or Charley Horse?

A muscle spasm or a charlie horse can occur when:

  • muscles are tired

  • muscles are overused or overexerted

  • muscles are overstretched

  • the body is deficient in minerals especially magnesium and calcium, or

  • the body is dehydrated (low in electrolytes).

As a reminder, muscles require sufficient water, glucose, calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium to allow the proteins within muscle cells to work!

So, my advice is, in addition to using the oils, make sure you are not overlooking something that your body requires for your muscles to work optimally.

NOTE: An occasional muscle spasm is expected but chronic issues indicate a more severe problem and one should consult a health care professional.

What Oil do I use for Occasional Muscle Cramps, Charley Horses or as a Natural Muscle Relaxer?

We want oils to relax and soothe muscles. The top natural muscle relaxers are listed below.

These are the best professionally made blends:

Aroma Siez Blend is my personal favorite for relaxing muscles. Of course, you may smell like an Italian kitchen, but that's ok!

Massage several drops diluted 50:50 on the cramped muscle at least 3 times per day. Alternating hot and cold packs may also help along with some light stretching. For best results use in conjunction with massage.

What Oils do I use for Muscles for Minimizing the Body's Response to Irritation or Injury?

There are oils that will help aid the body's natural response to irritation and injury. These are:

  • Copaiba Essential Oil - contains the highest amounts of beta caryophyllene (55 percent) of any known essential oil.

What Oils have a Cooling or Warming Effect?

Sometimes its nice to choose oils for muscles that have a cooling or warming effect. Here they are!

Oils that have a cooling effect are listed below.

Oils that have a warming effect are listed below.

Want to Roll Away Muscle Discomfort and Soothe Muscles?

Then try Deep Relief Essential Oil Roll On! I love this handy little applicator blend. Fits in your purse or pocket and is perfect for those hard to reach spots on your back or shoulders!

Want to try a Supplement with Essential Oils that will help reduce Muscle Pain and Inflammation?

Try BLM Bones, Ligaments and Muscles) with Essential Oils, MSM and glucosamine. Or Omega Blue Essential Oil Supplement with fish oils.

Have Muscle Pain? Go to the section on Essential Oils for Pain!

I hope you have enjoyed this Natural Muscle Relaxer Section.

My suggestion is, as always, select one or two oils (or a blend) to use and find out what oils are right for you. Write down your experiences so you can remember and recognize any changes.

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