Natural Wound Healing is a Breeze
with Essential Oils!

Natural wound healing is easy and effective with essential oils. Whether it is a puncture wound or a scrape there is an essential oil for your horse, dog, cat or child.

Why Should We Use Essential Oils for Natural Wound Healing?

Like our hair, soap and other personal supplies, wound care products contain chemicals that do not belong in our body.

Some of them also contain water. Water is a obviously good for the body, but it is repelled by the skin; so products that contain water don’t penetrate into the skin or promote healing.

Most of the commercially made ointments, slaves and sprays contain petroleum products that don’t do any service either to healing our wounds, cuts or scrapes.

Petroleum and derivatives actually clog the skin and pores; because they are larger then the skin molecule they sit on top rather than penetrating the skin.

On the other hand, therapeutic grade essential oils can quicken the healing process because they contain multiple medicinal properties. For instance, here are a few of the properties we want for healing wounds:

  • anti-bacterial;

  • anti-fungal;

  • analgesic (pain relieving);

  • antiseptic;

  • anti-inflammatory;

  • antibiotic;

  • homeostatic (arrests bleeding); and

  • vulnerary (substance that helps heals sore and wounds by external application).

All essential oils contain several properties; not just one. And they have many benefits as well!

They also deal with the emotional aspect of the wound. So if there has been trauma or shock we are able to address that component as well!

What Ingredients are in Commercial Wound Ointments and Dressings?

Here are just a few ingredients that are contained in store bought wound products. Most of these products produce skin irritation, sensitization, and are linked to allergies, cancer and/or immune suppression. Here they are:

  • Petrolatum

  • Mineral Oil

  • Propylene Glycol

  • Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT)

  • Benzalkonium Chloride

  • Yellow #5; FD&C Blue #1

  • DMDM Hydantoin

Even many of the natural ointments contain some of these ingredients. I know that animal ointments are the worst. Most of them have no labeling requirements at all!

Out of 15 horse ointment products I reviewed, only one did not contain a petroleum product. And who knows, it may have not been listed. The rest had all sorts of stuff from the “chemical list”!

Now compare the list with Animal Scents Ointment or Rose Ointment that both contain therapeutic grade essential oil. Huge difference!

What Essential Oils are Best for Natural Wound Healing?

There are many different oils! But, I would select one based on the type of wound and the action that is needed.

What Essential Oil can I use for Disinfection?

These essential oils have disinfection properties:

Purification is just as effective as using hydrogen peroxide and iodine. Use it to wash and cleanse cuts. Oregano and Thieves are hot oils so bear that in mind. Use topically 2-5 times per day. Apply 2-4 drops. Dilute as required.

How do I Stop Bleeding With Essential Oils?

These essential oils will help reduce bleeding:

Helichrysum is definitely the best essential oil to control bleeding. Geranium may first increase bleeding slightly to flush out toxins and then it will stop it. Use a cold compress until bleeding stops.

What do I Use for Infected Wounds?

Natural wound healing includes oils for infected wounds. These essential oils will help with infected wounds:

Melrose will help prevent infection, especially in open wounds. It is an excellent antiseptic and tissue regenerator. Use a cold compress until bleeding stops.

What Oils will Promote Natural Wound Healing?

Glad you asked! These essential oils help promote healing:

Use topically 2-5 times per day. Apply 2-4 drops. Dilute as required.

What Oils will help with Scarring?

Natural wound healing includes oils for scarring. There are many oils in this category. Oils that will prevent scarring and reduce scarring; and oils specifically for a condition.

For instance, while some oils overlap, you may want to use different oils for a burn scar then for an acne scar! Here a few essential oils to help with scarring.

Use topically 2-5 times per day. Apply 2-4 drops. Dilute as required.

How do I Treat Scrapes Naturally?

There is an excellent, First Aid Spray that you may want to keep handy if you find that you are doctoring a lot of scrapes. Or again, just use any of the oils mentioned above.

Here is my favorite one taken from the Essential Oil Desk Reference. Very easy and simple homemade first aid spray!

Natural First Aid Spray

Place these oils in with 1/2 teaspoon of salt. Place in 8 ounces of distilled water in a spray bottle and then add the salt mixture. Shake until dissolved.

Spray on minor wounds and cuts before applying bandages. Repeat several times per day for 3 days. Apply one or two drops of Tea Tree oil as well.

Is there a Natural Wound Healing Ointment?

Yes, there are several ointments that you can use to disinfect and seal open wounds. The first one that comes to mind is Animal Scents Ointment. While this was specifically designed for pets, I use it personally any time I need a sealing ointment.

The other ointment I use is Rose Ointment. It is also a sealer and is great for the skin! It contains seven different oils that are regenerative. However, this shouldn’t be used for burns in the initial stages of healing.

One of the great things about using essential oils is that I don’t need three sets of products around the home (or barn). I use them for my horse, my dog and me!

Emotional Natural Wound Healing?

Yes, remember that physical and emotional healing are tied together. If it is a small cut, there may not be a whole lot of emotional issues that need to be addressed, but it depends on the situation.

For instance, if a child falls off a bike for the first time ever, it could be a very traumatic experience! The first time I see a baby horse get his foot stuck in a fence is usually an emotional experience! So, we would want to make sure we address that also.

Simple oils for addressing this component are:

But there are many more! Check out the anxiety and emotion sections to learn more!

What Oils would I put in My Natural First Aid Kit?

To find out about what oils to put in your Essential Oil First Aid Kit, please click here.

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