Spider Bite - Soothe Skin and Calm
with Essential Oils

Spider bites can be soothed using essential oils but always consult a medical professional when in doubt. Essential oils can soothe and ease irritation.

Most spider bites are harmless to humans and animals with the exception of poisonous spiders such as black widow spider and brown recluse spider.

However, if you think you have received a black widow or brown recluse bite do get medical attention immediately! These are serious bites and can affect your health long term, so definitely get it checked out.

What Essential Oils do I use for Spider Bites?

These oils work the best for spider bites:

Apply 1-2 drops directly on the bite or dilute as required. Place it on the bite up to four times per day. Or add 2-3 drops of roman chamomile and lavender together in one teaspoon of alcohol and place it on the bite according to the Essential Oil Desk Reference.

These oils can be safely used on your dogs and horses as well. With cats it will be best to stick with therapeutic grade lavender oil for safety concerns.

If you know you have brown recluse spider bites, The Essential Oils Desk Reference recommends this Spider Bite Essential Oil Recipe:

BUT! Seek medical attention immediately!!! And apply directly on the bite every 10 minutes until treated by a medical professional.

Also smell lavender to relax and calm the body which is important when dealing with a medical emergency.

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