Tick Repellent for Dogs is Stress Free
with Essential Oils

Tick repellent for dogs can be made naturally with essential oils. Also, you can use essential oils for tick removal on dogs and people, of course.

Why Should I use Essential Oils for Dog Tick Control?

Most monthly tick products contain pesticides, organophosphates and other toxic ingredients linked with thousands of pet deaths and diseases.

As a matter of fact a November 2000 the Nation Resource Defense Council (NRDC) Report recommended that EPA ban use of Orthophosphates in pet products because they were killing our pets and posing a risk to the user.

This report was released in 2010, after the EPA in April 2009 reported that they were intensifying their evaluation of restrictions of products (flea and tick control) to better protect pets. To read an excerpt from the report, click here.

I have used alternative natural care products for my animals for many years now; but after reading that report I was very glad that I wasn’t using commercial flea and tick control dog products.

Why are Essential Oils Effective as Tick Repellent for Dogs?

Therapeutic grade essential oils are very efficient at repelling ticks because pests and insects do not like the smell of the oils. However, you will have to use them more frequently but your pets will get all the benefits benefits of essential oils!

How much and how often you have to apply the oils will depend on the general health of your pet, where you live, how big your pet is and what your pet does during the day.

My dog goes to the barn most days where she meets four to six other dogs daily; but we don’t have a huge tick population so I don’t need to use it very often. But, she is constantly bombarded by fleas and flies so I definitely need to use oils daily to combat fleas!

But, with a little bit of experimentation you will find the best oils for your situation and for your pet. And the right frequency!

What Essential Oils do I use for Tick Repellent for Dogs?

These are the oils that you can use for dog tick prevention. Just click on the oil and it will tell you more information.

As you can see, there are quite a few oils and one blend that I also like to use as a based blend for fleas!

Note about Cats: Certain oils can be very toxic to cats. Citrus products and pine oils in particular. Please see the section on oils for cats for further information.

What do I use for Tick Removal on Dogs?

These are the oils that you can use for removing ticks from dogs. These are also effective for human tick removal.

For proper tick removal, apply a drop of oil directly on the tick and wait for the tick to release its grip. If it is in a hard to reach place, you can place the oil on a cotton swab and swab the tick.

Peppermint, Purification, Melrose, Thieves Essential Oil, Melaleuca alternifolia or Tea Tree or lavender oil an be applied to the tick area after the tick is removed to boost immunity or soothe skin.

If you know it was a Lyme tick bite, or you don't know and you want to know the symptoms, then click here. This section tells you what oils to combat Lyme Disease.

Horses, cats and dogs can get Lyme disease.

Is there a recipe for Tick Repellent for Dogs?

Tick Spritz Recipe

Place in a spray bottle and shake. Spritz when needed! Yes, you can use this recipe for you or your horse!

Is there a Natural Tick Shampoo made with Essential Oils?

I would use Animal Scents Pet Shampoo as a base shampoo and then you can add some additional oils specifically for tick repellent for dogs.

Animal Scents is a natural shampoo that contains five therapeutic grade essential oils. It is very gentle shampoo and smells great! It naturally repels insects and pests and is chemical free.

Can I use the Same Oils for Flea Control?

There is some overlap between the oils, but you may have to apply separate blends or oils. Most people apply one in the morning and the other in the afternoon if you need to apply for both. See the section on fleas for more information.

Tick Tips

Add essential oils to your pets wash, especially their blankets. Use Thieves Cleanser and Purification.

Place a drop or tow of oils on their collar to deter insects and ticks! 

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