Aromatherapy Online Classes,
Essential Oil Courses &
Certification Programs

Aromatherapy online classes, essential oil courses and certification programs with Nan Martin are listed here. People, animal and pet courses using essential oils are offered and more will be coming soon!

For pet events, local essential oil classes, and special events related to Experience Essential Oils and Nan Martin, please click here.

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Aromatherapy Classes & Courses Listings

All of my programs will be available through an online learning management system at Coggno. Here they may be purchased and watched from your computer any time you wish!

All the courses are offered in parts so you can pay as you go; or as a complete course at a cost savings of about 15%! To go directly to the EEO Learning Center, click here.

Here are the courses offered:

Using Essential Oils for People & their Animals Online Course: Learning the Lost Art of Aromatherapy is an online video training class where you will learn how to use therapeutic grade oils for yourself, your dogs, cats, horses and more. It contains two levels at this time: Level 1 and 2.  (Launched June 2013). For more information, click here!

Aromatherapy Online Certification

The classes will serve as the foundation for the certification programs that will be developed in the next year. The specific requirements will be forthcoming.

The companion workbooks and books are in progress and also coming in 2014-2015! They will all be announced in the E-Zine and through social media including Facebook and Twitter.

How do I Schedule Nan for a Live Event or Class?

For participation in any event or pricing for a particular class or clinic e-mail or call at 561-315-6334.

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