Intuitive Empath Consulting and Sessions- Complimentary Session

An intuitive empath is one who can feel, sense and understand another person’s emotions. Personally, I can interpret and language the subtle energies of the human and animal body. And I use this gift to transform negative patterning and beliefs that hold people back from the gift they really are.

All of us our born with intuitive and empathic abilities but we tend to lose our empathic ability as we grow into adulthood. But we still have access to our intuition! And the more work we do clearing our negative beliefs and patterning, the more we gain access to it! I know because I was one of them!

Scientifically, How do Intuitives Interpret Information?

Science has proven that everything has an energetic vibration in the Universe. The vibration is an energetic blueprint that can be interpreted by the brain fairly easily via neuron pathways.

Intuitives can not only interpret the energetic vibration but language it into a feeling, emotion or pattern. This is why an empath can actually feel ones physical, emotional or mental state or other subtle energies of the body.

How I learned about my Intuitive Empathic Ability?

It took me most of my entire adult life to clear the buried emotions that I took on during childhood. And get to a point where I could facilitate healing in others (and animals) as an intuitive or empath.

I always knew I was extremely sensitive and intuitive, but I didn't know how to discern between my emotions and everyone elses! And therefore, I took on the energies of those around me and at times became very physically ill.

In my late twenties when I had a severe health challenge I learned to figure out what supplements would be right for me by just holding them in my hand. And then eventually I found out I could just simply think about what it was and get a positive or negative read! My chiropractors loved that I could do this!

Spiritual work is always work in progress so I am continuing to learn how to best use my abilities. And working with therapeutic grade essential oils has allowed me to take my work to a new level!

How Do Essential Oils Work with the Gift of Intuition and Empathy?

As an intuitive, I can match the frequency of the essential oil to the emotional or physical patterning that is creating an energy blockage in the body.

Usually just sending the vibrational energy of the oil will shift or release the blockages; however, usually the oil needs to be used to anchor the new healthy patterning in its place. I can also intuit if a particular oil, supplement, etc is not serving the individual or animal.

What is an Animal Empath?

Click here for information on intuiting animals.

What does an Intuitive Session Involve and How does it Work?

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In this session, I will help you language your greatest needs and provide a plan as to how to move forward in this capacity. This is a 15 to 20 minute session where you will have the chance to speak with Nan directly. Please kindly provide at least 24 hours notice on all cancellations.

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