Use a Home Thyroid Test to
Monitor Your Thyroid Levels Now!

There is a simple home thyroid test that you can use to find out if your thyroid is working properly!

I have found that this is just as effective as having a medical professional determine if you have normal thyroid levels. And as a matter of fact, most alternative health doctors and some MDs insist that a patient do this test at home so they can use it as part of their evaluation!

The test is perfect for those who are having signs of thyroid problems and want to confirm that they need thyroid support. Or for those who know they need thyroid support or are taking thyroid supplements or medication and want to monitor their progress.

What do I need to do a Home Test?

This is what you will need to do a home thyroid test:

  • Basal Thermometer; and
  • Temperature Chart; or Paper and Pen!

That is it!

How is the Home Test Done?

  1. Before you go to bed place a basal thermometer next to your bed.

  2. Immediately when you wake up take your basal cell temperature under your arm pit BEFORE you get out of bed.

  3. If you are using a mercury or non-mercury thermometer than leave it in ten minutes. If you are using a digital, then do it according to the manufacturer instructions.

  4. Write down the temperature or chart it if you would like.

Why Should I use a Basal Thermometer?

Basal thermometers are more accurate than oral thermometer and are designed to measure in this manner. Mercury thermometers are the most accurate with non-mercury being close. Digital thermometers are the least accurate.

How Many Days do I Take the Readings?

Take the readings a minimum of three days. For menstruating women start on the third day of your cycle for best results and track for three to ten days.

How do I interpret the Thyroid Test Results?

Normal temperatures are between 97.6 F (36.5 C) and 98.2 F (36.7 C). If the temperature is below 97.6 F (36.5 C) then your thyroid is underactive which is considered hypothyroidism.

Please note that many people can have normal thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) levels but still have low basal temperatures. Again, this indicates that your thyroid is still in need of support; and this is the time to take action!

If the temperature is high over 98.6 F (37.0 C) it may indicate that you have an overactive thyroid. Continue monitoring and if it remains high than additional testing may be warranted.

How do I Support and Boost my Thyroid?

Thyromin natural thyroid supplement can help tremendously. It contains peppermint, spearmint, myrtle and myrrh essential oils; and other nutrients as well. Click here for complete instructions on how to use Thyromin with the home test to monitor the amount to take on a daily basis. Also read about essential oils documented to help with hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism! 

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