Horse Emotions (and People) -
Essential Oils Assist in
Releasing Negative Emotions &
Bringing on The Positive Ones!

Horse emotions are not very different from human emotions. Most of don't think that our animals have emotions, but they do and it affects their lives more than we know.

For horses, emotions play such a vital part in how they train, ride and socialize with other horses. I mean as a trainer and coach, the hardest part of my job is to work through the emotional end whether it is a horse or a rider!

What is an Emotion?

Here is one definition of emotion from Merriam-Webster:

"An emotion is a physiological and mental state associated with a feeling, thought and/or behavior."

I will go further and say that emotions can be negative or positive. Examples of negative emotions are anger, abandonment and grief. Positive emotions are joy, happiness and harmony.

Why do we care about Dog, Cat or Horse Emotions (or Our Emotions)?

Because according to the above definition, animals and humans behave according to their emotional state. So, if we are scared, we may cry, fight or act aggressively depending on our behavioral patterning.

What is an Emotional or Behavioral Pattern?

When humans or animals first learn to respond to a situation they start to develop a pattern or way to handle them as in our example above. Depending on a many factors, we learn to respond in different ways and sometimes in a negative way that is harmful to us.

Once the response is learned, the stimuli will produce the pattern unless it is changed or released. Good emotional patterning we don't want to change; but unhealthy patterns we would like to change!

So, if a child, adult, cat, dog or horse encounters fear and the response is "run away"! That is a pattern that could be changed and would be beneficial to change!

Why is it Unhealthy if we don't Release Emotions or Patterning?

If negative human or horse emotions are not released then they can produce poor emotionally patterning that has a negative outcome that is explained above.

Books on emotions including: Carolyn Mein, DC - Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils;  Louise Hay - Heal Your Body; Karol Truman - Feelings Buried Alive Never Die and Candice Pert Molecules of Emotion, the body stores emotions on a cellular level.

The authors above explain that many times if the body can not handle a traumatic experience or painful emotion it stores it on a cellular level until we are either ready to deal with it or release it!

Emotional patterning determines likes and dislikes, habits, ability to socialize, attitude and reaction or response to everything! Whether it is human, animal or horse emotions, they can literally control behavior on a subconscious level. Unless, they are released!

These books are available on my website and a further explanation is in my FREE Teleseminar "Breaking through Emotional Barriers".

How do Essential Oils Help Release Human, Dog or Horse Emotions?

Look through the essential oil benefits section to really get a full understanding on how and why essential oils work.

But here is a summary!

Essential oils easily penetrate the skin and can be carried throughout the blood and tissues within minutes. They stimulate the amygdale of the brain.

This area is the emotional center where all the emotions are stored. Therefore, just smelling an essential oil can help us safely release emotional fear, trauma and memories.

They can help animals and humans clear the unconscious patterning that holds back potential, happiness and more! This is an extremely valuable tool!

How do we Release Emotions for our Animals and Ourselves?

Choose several oils to work with and use them daily. It is as simple as that! For horse emotions place them in front of their muzzle and observe your horse since their limbic system functions a bit differently than ours.

Also read, if you already haven't, the section on essential oils for horses to determine if your horse likes the oil or not, or chooses smelling the oil from the right or left nostril.

How do we Figure Out what Cat, Dog or Horse Emotions I am dealing with?

For animals, go with a more general category rather than specific emotions. (But you can use these categories for human use as well!) And again, you will have to work with several oils and find out what works best.

What are the General Categories?

Here they the general categories and a couple of oils that can be used for that category. I know this is a big topic so I tried to give you categories that I frequently encounter on a daily basis!

Keep in mind I use over 100 different oils, so sometimes it is best to go with a professionally made blend that is made specifically for emotions.

Stress/Fear – Use oils for calming, relaxing and grounding horse emotions. Here are a few examples:

The New Valor

Also use oils for courage listed below. Because this is such an important topic and one I deal with often, I have an entire section devoted to it. So click here for more information! Also look at the oils for stress section.

Shock/Grief – Use oils that are uplifting and that will help show the body how to deal with grief (and release it). Here are a few examples:

Place over the heart or heart meridian and/or smell.

Anger/Rage/Hate – Use oils that will release negative horse emotions. And help an animal or person how to deal with anger. Here are a few examples:

Always use oil for calming as well in this situation. And consider using oils that support liver cleansing where we store most of our anger and control issues according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Abuse/Abandonment Issues – Use oils that will release negative horse emotions of abuse and abandonment. Here are a few examples:

Courage/Confidence – Use oils that will release the horse emotions of defeated, victim and worthless. Here are a few examples:

In general, no matter what horse emotions I am dealing with, I always like to use oils to support healthy concentration and bring awareness as well. The top three oils for this are Brain Power, Clarity and Peppermint essential oils. I have never had a horse that didn't like Peppermint oil, so if they don't like the other two, go with Peppermint!

And like all things, the answer is not always linear or straight forward. I am fortunate that I am extremely intuitive and can usually pick up exactly what an animal (or human) needs, especially horses.

Of course we all know that on some level to be a really good trainer, you have to be intuitive to deal with horse emotions and behavioral patterning on a daily basis.

But I am very grateful that I am so intuitive and have the knowledge of the essential oils as well. It has made my job easier and more enjoyable!

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