Thieves Fresh Essence Mouthwash
Natural Alcohol Free Mouthwash

Thieves Fresh Essence Mouthwash is made with therapeutic grade essential oils. This non alcohol mouthwash made with Thieves blend and floral waters is very refreshing and helps to promote a healthy lifestyle*.

Thieves Mouthwash

It is safe for human and animal use; and I have used it many times at the barn and for my dog!

Thieves mouthwash contains the same ingredients found in Thieves Essential Oil which was developed based on the ingredients found in the “Four Thieves Vinegar” or “Marseilles Vinegar”. The vinegar was first prepared by thieves that worked in the spice industry and robbed graves to generate income.

Thieves Fresh Essence Mouthwash is also designed to release the chemical compounds slowly in the mouth via liposomes. They adhere to the mucus membranes or teeth and control the release of ingredients and provide additionally protection*!

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This is an easy reference guide for Fresh Essence Mouthwash. It will tell you how to use your oil blend and what to use it for. It will also provide you with some fun tips and testimonials!

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Thieves Fresh Essence Mouthwash™

What is in Thieves Fresh Essence Mouthwash?

There are several natural ingredients as well as eight essential oils in Thieves Fresh Essence Mouthwash.

The natural ingredients include:

  • Deionized Water
  • Peppermint Floral Water - is one of the most highly regarded herbs for soothing digestion, it may also restore digestive efficiency*.
  • Melissa Floral Water - uses include supportive of a healthy immune system*. It is strengthening and revitalizing, yet soothing and calming making it good to ease stress. Several studies report that melissa may benefit the skin*. Also goes by Lemon Balm.
  • Colloidal Silver
  • Lecithin
  • Citric acid
  • Steviocide (Natural Sweetener)
  • Tocopherols (Vitamin E)
  • Potassium Sorbate

The essential oils are listed below along with a brief description of each oil:

  • Clove Essential Oil (Syzygium aromaticum) promotes a healthy immune response, and may support overall wellness*. An important ingredient in Young Living's Thieves blend, its principal constituent is eugenol.
  • Lemon Essential Oil (Citrus limon) Lemon consists of 68 percent d-limonene, a powerful antioxidant; and may be beneficial for the skin*. It has cleansing and purifying properties. Jean Valnet MD estimated that it takes 3,000 lemons to produce one kilo of oil!
  • Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil (Cinnamomum verum)  The essential oil promotes a healthy immune response, and helps maintain a healthy lifestyle regimen*.
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil (Eucalyptus radiata) may support a healthy respiratory system; and to soothe muscle discomfort after exercise*.
  • Rosemary Essential Oil (Rosmarinus officinalis CT cineol) was one of the most broadly used plants throughout the ages. Supports a healthy lifestyle regimen and overall well-being*. This oil provides a savory addition to many meats marinades, side dishes, and dressings. Rosemary includes the naturally occurring constituents eucalyptol and alpha-pinene.
  • Spearmint Essential Oil (Mentha spicata) has many benefits including boosting the metabolism and assisting with occasional digestive upset*. A rich antioxidant, spearmint helps support the respiratory and nervous systems*.
  • Vetiver Essential Oil (Vetiveria zizanioides) brings you back to nature. It is a grounding oil and is one of the oils that is highest in sesquiterpenes, Vetiver was studied by Dr. Terry Friedmann for improving children's behavior. Vetiver may help when coping with stress and to recover from emotional trauma and shock*.
  • Peppermint Essential Oils (Mentha piperita) most highly regarded herbs for supporting normal digestion, including promoting healthy intestinal function and gastrointestinal system comfort*. Promotes focus and emotional wellbeing.

In the revised 2016 formulation, Melissa Floral Water has been replaced with the following:

  • Quillaja saponaria Wood Extract

Peppermint floral water was removed from the formulation.

Do you want more information about the individual oil? Just click on the name of the oil to find out other interesting information such as:

  • What Part of the Plant is Used?
  • What is an ORAC Value?
  • What is the ORAC of the Oil?
  • What are the Plant Properties and Uses?
  • Where is the Name derived from?
  • The Most Interesting Historical Reference?
  • And more!

What are the Documented Uses for Thieves Fresh Essence Mouthwash? Bad breathe, soothing dry throat and freshening breath.

How do I use it?

Place in your mouth and rinse or gargle for 30 to 60 seconds.

Can this oil be used for Animals? Yes.

This can be directly applied to teeth and gums. For cats you may want to dilute but my dog loves it-she will drink it in her drinking water ( I usually only recommend oral use for dogs, ferrets or horses at this time).

Start with as little as one drop in an ounce of water; and work up to what your animal likes and tolerates.

For horses I like to make a spray and spray it in their mouth. Some dogs may like the spray and well good luck with the cats!

Note about animals: Certain oils can be very toxic to cats. Citrus products and oils in particular. Please consult your vet if you are not sure about applying any essential oil to your pet.

What are the Safety Precautions? No contraindications.

Are there Companion Products?

There is a whole line of Thieves products that are awesome! I use them all -Thieves Essential Oilhousehold cleanerThieves Spray and Thieves toothpaste are all great! And now, NEW Thieves Laundry Soap and Thieves Fruit and Vegetable Rinse and Wash!

Or check out Thieves Essential Oil Natural Cough Drops for sore throats and cough!

Want to Write Your Own Experience about Thieves Mouthwash?

Great! Then just go to the Thieves Essential Oil Experiences Section to begin! Or read other testimonials about the entire Thieves line there! Thank you!

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