Types of Enzymes -
What is an Enzyme?

The types of enzymes that are produced by the body are metabolic and digestive enzymes. Uses of enzymes vary depending on the enzyme structure but one thing is for sure is that the benefits of digestive enzymes and metabolic enzymes outweigh the cost.

What is an Enzyme?

Enzymes are molecules of protein that are made from amino acid chains. They are produced by all living organisms and by plants. The structure establishes the functions or uses of enzymes. That is why when we lack enzymes, it affects the functions of our body and then our body can become out of balance or dis-eased.

It is found that Essential Oils maintain their enzymatic activity when distilled properly and without solvents. Therefore, therapeutic grade oils not only contain enzymes themselves but also help the body produce more enzymes and assist with the assimilation of nutrients in the body.

What are the Types of Enzymes?

There are three types and uses of enzymes that maintain living organisms:

  • Metabolic Enzymes – These enzymes are primarily in charge of energy production in the body. They also help to detox the body on a cellular level and are even help our sensory system respond appropriately. They are responsible for cellular activity on every level.

  • Digestive Enzymes – Digestive enzymes benefits include assisting the body break down and assimilate food into nutrients. The body uses different types of enzymes to digest fats, proteins and carbohydrates for instance. For more information, click here.

  • Food Enzymes which primarily come from plants. Our body does not make these enzymes, but they are contained in the food we are eating so our body can break down the food. Enzymes are destroyed by heat, therefore, this is why it is important to incorporate fresh raw fruit and vegetables into your daily diet; and essential oils.

What are the Benefits of Enzymes?

As noted above, enzymes are involved in every function of our body. Therefore by adding enzymes to our diet we are supporting the body at a foundational level. Realize that our body can not function without enzymes and we have a limited supply of them as again our body can not produce all the enzymes we need.

As a health coach, I personally recommend that everyone incorporate enzymes into their diet as well as their animal's diet. Enzymes are safe to take and to feed to your animal; however, please always follow all directions of the particular product you are using.

For more information on benefits of enzymes, especially digestive enzymes, click here.

What Metabolic and Digestive Enzyme Supplements can we Take? Are Enzymes Safe?

I primarily take digestive enzymes, but taking enzymes is safe. To learn more information on what enzymes I recommend, click here.

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