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Healthy Horse Muscles, Tendons and Bones are
Easily Supported with Essential Oils

Horse muscles, joints, bones and ligaments can be supported with essential oils. And support for healthy skeletal and muscle systems is not really at all different than humans so I would definitely review those sections on the website as well.

The one advantage we have at supporting horse muscles is that horses generally respond very well to the use of essential oils. And we can use them in several application methods. The three applications we use the most at the barn are:

What Essential Oils help to relax and soothe muscles or relief minor discomfort?

Here are the top oils:

Apply before and after exercise. These are also best for muscles that tend to hold tension.

What Essential Oils should I use for over exercised horse muscles?

The top seven essential oils for horse muscles that are:

These oils will help muscles recover and will may provide some minor pain relief associated with exercise.

If you want a greater warming sensation than Ortho Sport would be a good choice.

But remember you can always place additional oils into the massage oil blend to enhance it; and as a matter of fact I do that all the time!

What Essential Oils should I use to Support Healthy Ligaments or Tendons?

The best essential oils for horse ligaments are:

You can also use Ortho Sport as base oil or as a wash. If you are wishing to support healthy circulation in legs, ligaments and tendons, use Cypress which may be combined with the other oils.

What Essential Oils should I use to Support Healthy Bone and Skeletal System?

The best essential oils to support healthy horse bone:

Wintergreen is my favorite oil to support healthy horse bone. PanAway contains wintergreen and helichrysum and can soothe minor discomfort.

Looking to Reduce Natural Response to Irritation?

Copaiba is in Deep Relief and the Cool Azul Line. It enhances the effectiveness of other oils.

What Essential Oils should I use for Minor Arthritis, Sprains and Strains?

Use this product:

And of course use the other oils to promote healthy joints and muscles as well.

What Essential Oils can I use as a Horse Liniment or Muscle Wash?

Any of the horse muscle oils that I mentioned you can use easily as a horse liniment or muscle wash. There are many different combinations you can use again depending on what you are trying to achieve. Click here for a section devoted to that topic and for homemade liniment recipes!

My horse needs to detox, has sore muscles after exercise or is out of alignment. Is there a technique I can use with the oils for my horse?

Yes, there is a technique called Raindrop Technique. This was developed for humans but now is being applied to equines. If I have a horse that is energetically out of alignment, I will use Valor daily on his tailbone to assist in energetically aligning the spine.

Want to try an Essential Oil Supplement for Your Horse that was Designed for Bones, Muscles and Ligaments?

Then try BLM Supplement with wintergreen, balsam fir and MSM. It comes in a powder so you can put it right in their feed!

Want to treat your horse to a Spa Day for those Sore Muscles and Back?

Then schedule a Equine Raindrop Session today! Or book an equestrian intuitive session to find out what you both need!

I hope you enjoyed this section on treating horse muscles. Remember oils can be used for our dogs and ourselves, so make enough liniment for everyone!

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