Dog Loss of Appetite - Essential Oils
Gently Encourage them to Eat Up!

Dog loss of appetite can be contributed to many factors and finding out the root cause for the loss of appetite is important to completely solve the problem. Some of the things that create this situation include:

For instance, when I first got my dog Lexie she would spend at least two days a week not eating. She was going through many changes including emotional (change of residence, owner, etc) and diet. She also had to get use to being in a vehicle every day to get the barn.

Since the emotional changes were the greatest, I started there. I began using Di-Gize to ease her stomach and help with dog motion sickness; and Peace & Calming for her stress level. I also used Citrus Fresh in between meals to stimulate her appetite. All of the oils helped quite a bit, but she still just didn't want to eat about one day a week and she still had some vomiting episodes which broke my heart!

After trying many different organic dog foods, I switched her to a raw diet. She improved quickly and starting weaning her off the oils I was using. Since then, besides the days she gets into something at the barn that her body doesn't like (and she shouldn't be eating anyway) I have had no episodes of vomiting! Yeah!

So what ever is creating the dog loss of appetite therapeutic grade essential oils can help! Select one component or oil to work with and observe the changes before moving forward. Personally, I like to start with the emotional component because most times if clears the physical component as well! And the oils address both!

Please note, as always, if your dog hasn't eaten in a day or so, or you think it may be more serious, don't hesitate to speak your vet.

What Essential Oils Increase Dog Appetite?

In general, citrus oils stimulate the digestive system and therefore will address dog loss of appetite (as well as animals and humans!) They also are emotionally uplifting so they are an excellent choice. These oils are all have been used to increase appetite:

Just simply place one or two drops on the paw depending on the size of the dog and they will smell the oil.

Citrus Fresh has a combination of citrus oils and spearmint and is used to increase focus, combat anxiety and balance the electrolytes in the body when taken orally; so I love to use this oil for the dogs, horses and my students!

How do I address the Emotional Component? (Dog Anxiety and Stress)

Essential oils can help with that also! Click here to find out what oils specifically help with dog anxiety. Also, look through the anxiety and horse emotions sections for tips; dogs use the same oils for stress and anxiety as people and horses!

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