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Equine Wellness Expo 2012:
Essential Oils for Horses

Nan Martin at Equine Expo 201

The Equine Wellness Expo 2012 hosted Nan Martin of Experience Essential Oils to speak about essential oils for horses. Many natural remedies for horses as well as other holistic equine modalities were presented here. This fantastic event celebrated the body, mind and spirit of the horse.

The Equine Wellness Expo 2012 was held on Saturday, April 29, 2012 at University of Mass at Hadley Farms in Amherst. It was sponsored by Nicole Birkholtzer of Mindful Connections and proceeds went to go to Blue Star Equiculture Working Horse Rescue.

“I was so honored and thrilled to have been selected as a keynote speaker at the Equine Wellness Expo 2012 as it provided such an opportunity to speak about how essential oils can provide so many solutions to our horses (and human) issues. From horse separation stress to focus, oils can address the emotional components that together create a state of wellbeing for our animals. Nicole did an outstanding job of organizing and presenting the event; and the people at Blue Star were amazing—I am so looking forward to the next one!” –Nan Martin

For those who were not able to make the Equine Wellness Expo 2012 I would like to share the stories of four rescue horses that were there; and how essential oils helped them to accept the event that had brought them there to heal and let go of the past. These horses illustrated and taught us the amazing transformational powers of the oils before the doors even opened! See below!

Descriptions of Lectures and Experiences


As the set up for the Equine Wellness Expo 2012 was nearly complete, several of the horses began communicating to each other reminding me that they were there to heal their blocks and our blocks using techniques and nature’s plants that God had created for us.

While I contemplated that thought I saw Nicole heading towards me; and I knew that she was concerned about how the horses were beginning to act. As I tuned into the cry of the horses, I found there was one horse that was the center of the commotion, however, I was guided to bring oils to Iron Mike first.

Blue Star Iron Mik

Mikey was processing suppression and I started with St. Maries Lavender which has a very high self-nurturing vibration. He smelled it from his left nostril (right brain - emotional component) and I felt his energy change (shift). I next used peppermint oil for him to assimilate the emotions (digestive system); and to release the emotion through his breath (respiratory system). Once I felt the shift again I used Peace & Calming last to anchor his new experience.

Next, I went to Magic, a horse that I ended up working with in my second lecture. He was feeling ungrounded and felt as though his "foundation" had been ripped out underneath him. As soon as he started smelling Joy his energy changed, his heart opened and he became grounded in Mother Earth. I also had him smell Di-Gize to once again digest the circumstances that surrounded him.

As I looked towards the other side of the ring, I saw King, the horse that was the source of the upset, literally kicking down the pen. As I rushed by my table, I grabbed Acceptance, Melrose and RC oils. I immediately applied Acceptance oil to his head (third eye) and ears; and allowed him to smell it. After I felt the shift, I asked him to smell Peace & Calming and Melrose oil blends to calm him and release the emotion of revenge. As he started to settle I used peppermint oil to help him with the assimilation of the emotions (placed a few drops in his mouth); and RC on the lung meridian to release the emotion through his breath (respiratory system).

The last horse Buford was already calming as the rest of the herd settled into the shifting energy (he was definitely a follower). I got most of the energy was not his, as he was responding to the other horses, particularly Magic. Buford was incredibly receptive to the oils and requested Acceptance and St. Maries Lavender. He licked the peppermint off my hand like a wonderful treat and thanked me. The girls next to him watched this change in awe and for the first time in their life they were witnesses to the transformational powers of essential oils.

As I walked back to my booth, about 15 minutes later, it was all quiet on the indoor Expo front! And it was time to open the doors to The Equine Wellness Expo 2012! And that was just the beginning of the transformations that came that day for the collective consciousness of the horse and human participants!

Here are the description of the lectures and the experiences that followed for the Equine Wellness Expo 2012--

Discovering Essential Oils for Horses and Riders Lecture at Equine Wellness Expo 2012- Learn the secrets of therapeutic grade essential oils and how to use them for emotional wellbeing for horse and rider. Discover how oils can be used to clear behavioral patterning, eliminate stress, and much more! Nan will also discuss the different grades of essential oils, the safety concerns of fragrant grade oils; and modalities such as Raindrop Technique where essential oils are used to align and heal the body without any manipulation.

I borrowed Kia, a 1986 registered dun Norwegian Fjord Horse who lives at the rescue to demonstrate how to use the oils for this session. I intuitively selected Peace & Calming Oil for Kia. He immediately smelled it from his right nostril first, indicating that he was releasing an emotional component from his left brain where horse emotions are stored in the limbic system. Then he smelled it from his right nostril. Kia showed deep relaxation after smelling the oil but continued to ask for the oil over and over again showing how some animals respond so well to the oils.

Magic of Blue Star Rescue who I used to demonstrate essential oils on horses

Using Essential Oils to Improve Rider and Horse Performance Lecture at Equine Wellness Expo 2012 - Learn how top trainers and riders are using essential oils, intuition and energy clearing techniques to enhance and improve performance for horses and riders. These secrets can clear behavioral patterning, create more positive attitudes in horses and bring out the highest potential for both horse and rider. In the live demonstration, Nan will show how oils can create immediate results by shifting emotional patterning on one of the rescue horses from the farm.

Paul from Blue Star asked me which horse to use for my second lecture and I said that any horse would be fine. Magic was selected which didn’t surprise me since he had energetically been sending me messages all day after the mornings events.

When they brought him forward he was franticly pacing back and forth completely stressed and overwhelmed by the events of the day. He also saw himself in the mirror for the first time which definitely threw him for a loop! It was quite noticeable from the crowd perspective as the handler had her hands filled with a Clydesdale that measured over 18 hands tall (over 6 feet from the shoulders)! (See photo)

One of the first oils I used was Inner Child. I allowed him to smell this and put it on his ears and jawline. As he began to shift and relax a bit I further intuited the information I received in the morning. I found out that he felt displaced and trapped by his circumstances; and felt that he had no purpose which was creating his stress. I used a series of oils including Clarity and Magnify Your Purpose oil which were placed on the stomach and lung meridians; and he was allowed to smell them.

As he smelled Magnify Your Purpose, I told him verbally that he was no longer a victim of his circumstances and that he had a new purpose with Blue Star to help horses (and people) rise above the circumstances that they had been through so they could once again be free. I told him verbally that he had my permission to no longer be trapped, that he had been released and it was safe to do this. And that he had permission become his new purpose.

And then he shifted and so did the ground underneath us! This gigantic, powerful horse shifted into a state of acceptance, peace and joy. His huge head dropped as he surrendered; and we were all amazed and overjoyed by the change he exhibited and what we had just witnessed. Magic had a huge emotional release that affected all of us that day, including me; and today he is one of the most purposeful horses, serving as an Equine Ambassador, in the Blue Star Rescue Program whose mission is to educate the public about the link between mother earth, humans and horses. And of course draft horse rescue.

Note to Readers: After the Equine Wellness Expo 2012, I learned that Magic didn’t make it as a Budweiser Clydesdale because he was born with one black foot so he was sold to the Phoenix Zoo where he pulled a carriage.

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