Clean Dog Ears go Easy and Stress Free
with Essential Oils!

Clean dog ears easily with therapeutic grade essential oils. They are the perfect dog ear cleaners because they are natural, calming and do a great job. My dog use to hate to have her ears cleaned, but now using essential oils she loves it!

Why Should we use Essential Oils for Dog Ear Problems?

Therapeutic grade essential oils do not contain any synthetic materials or compounds. They soothe irritated skin and support healthy skin and more. Oils also help with dog stress and fear; therefore, using oils for shampooing, cleaning ears and maintaining healthy teeth will help them relax through the process!

And all the other benefits of Essential Oils!

How do we Know if our Dog's Ears Need to be Cleaned?

Well it's pretty easy with my dog because she has light colored skin and I can see the dirt accumulating in her ear pretty fast. But if you have smelly dog ears or your dog is itching his ears I would assume that your dog needs his ears cleaned for sure!

Dog ear wax smells pretty bad and can contribute to other ear problems so it is a good idea to clean dog ears regularly. For me that means once per month because my dog is outside at the barn everyday. And the dirt accumulates quickly!

But, also know that dog ear itch and odor may also be a sign of dog ear infection, yeast infection or dog mites. So if this is the case, might be time to check with your vet!

What Essential Oils do I Use to Clean Dog Ears?

These are the oils that are used as dog ear cleaners. Just click on the oil and it will tell you more information!

My favorite oil to use is Lavender. But, I like to rotate the oils as well.

How to Clean Dog Ears with Essential Oils?

You definitely need to make up a home remedy recipe to clean the ears. You will need a base oil or cleanser, cotton swabs, and of course, your essential oils. I use V-6 Mixing Oil, a pure grade vegetable oil with seven different food grade oils for blending; but you can use any pure grade vegetable oil.

Personally, I would not use baby oil, mineral oil or petroleum based oils! These products further clog skin pores and may create another problem rather than preventing one!

Also, you may use Aloe Vera, Alcohol or Witch Hazel; however, again you must consider the quality of the product. Pure Witch Hazel is extremely difficult to find, so I usually just use the vegetable oil.

How much Essential Oil do I Use?

I use about 3-5 drops of lavender with about a teaspoon of V-6 oil. This is usually good for about two or three cleanings depending on how big and bad your dog's ears are. I make it up and keep it in a dark oil bottle that way the oil doesn't degrade and go bad. See the oil storage section for more tips.

I place several drops on the cotton swap and remove the surface dirt and wax. Make sure that you don't stick the swab (or anything else) way down into the ear canal!

Is Your Dogs Ear Wax Built Up into the Ear Canal?

If this is the case, make up the oil recipe using an oil base! (Not using alcohol or Aloe Vera). Apply 2-4 drops of the oil blend into the ear canal and then massage the outside of the ear. Your dog may shake like crazy but it will help bring the dog ear wax up to the surface where you can clean it out.

The first time I did this, it smelled foul and it was nasty. But with regular ear cleaning, I don't usually have to do this heavier treatment unless I suspect some ear problem coming on.

My Dogs Hate being Fussed With and they get Stressssed, What do I do!

Essential oils can help with that also! But remember to use oil for stress and concentration a few minutes before you start anything they have trouble with. Look through the oils for stress, horse emotions and horse relaxing sections for tips; Dogs use all the same oils for stress as people and horses. :)

Peace & Calming, Lavender and Trauma Life would be my first choices. And Clarity for focus for boy dogs; Brain Power for girly dogs. Or both!

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