Dog Anxiety - 
Essential Oils Ease the Day!

Dog anxiety, separation anxiety, stress, fear and other emotions are very real for dogs just as with humans and can be addressed easily using therapeutic grade essential oils.

Essential oils can be used to calm and focus our dogs during training, showing and thunder storms! And uplift their spirits when they are going through loss, separation or depression.

Remember that if our dog has dog anxiety and stress it to can affect their:

So it is important to observe how and why your dog is behaving in a certain manner, especially if you see changes to their routines or behavior!

Personally, I like to start with the emotional component, because most times if clears the physical component as well! And the oils address both!

What Essential Oils are Uplifting?

Oils that are uplifting are good for depression, stress, separation anxiety and older dogs. Here are some oils suggestions:

Clarity is good for older dogs who are showing signs of dementia because it is excellent for focus and concentration. Studies have shown that citrus oils increase concentration, combat anxiety and depression!

What Essential Oils are Calming for Dog Anxiety?

Oils that are calming are generally grounding and sedating; and act on the central nervous system. Here are some oils suggestions:

There are many individual oils and professionally made blends that fit in this category! So it is best to choose one or two to work with and observe the results. I have found Trauma Life and Acceptance very helpful with horse and dog separation anxiety.

Peace & Calming and Acceptance oils are two of my favorite oils that seem to work universally with humans, children, dogs and horses! I have seen them both work well for any kind of stress related situations, including training or moving!

What Essential Oils are Calming for Dogs that are Girl Crazy?

I would try oils that are used for excessive sexual desire (anaphrodisiac); and combine with focus and calming oils. Here are some oils suggestions:

Did you know that Marjoram has been used for thousands of years to help with the Celibate Lifestyle?

Yes, many people have reported that girl crazy dogs (especially when the girls are in heat) stay focused and calm when using this oil. Marjoram combines well with lavender, orange and rosemary; and is excellent for muscle spasms as well!

Any other Doggy Anxiety Tips?

I would also look through the anxiety (human), horse emotions and horse relaxing sections for additional guidelines and tips. Dogs generally use the same oils for stress and anxiety that people and horses do - which is great when one oil or blend can help the whole family!

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